Have You Considered an Agile Coach?

September 30, 2020

Braintrust has the best coaches and trainers in the world, and through our Agile Coaching program, our team of experts can mentor your teams, assist leaders with Agile implementation planning, support Product and IT management with role adoptions, and guide teams through new processes, meetings, and roles.

But before you consider an Agile coach, it’s important to understand what coaching is, what the benefits are, and how specifically it can help you on #YourAgileJourney.

No matter what stage of adoption you might be in, customized coaching with Braintrust is the best way to ensure optimal implementation so that you receive maximum benefit while kicking Agile into overdrive.

What is Agile Coaching?

By definition, coaching is a process that helps someone grow and achieve their goals.

Coaching provides an opportunity for your team to benefit from the collective wisdom of our industry-leading experts while navigating real-world challenges in their everyday working environment. Essentially, our expert coaches become a part of your team for a period of time. They join your company’s calls, observe your team’s work styles and behaviors, and then provide direct support and advice for your team to improve. From how to structure more effective virtual meetings to how to arrange your home office space, our coaches address every aspect of your Agile implementation at every level of your organization.

What are the Benefits of agile Coaching?

  • Help others achieve their personal and professional goals
  • Brainstorm solutions to ongoing problems
  • Team members fully understand their role and are more engaged as an individual and as a team member
  • Motivates everyone to continue to grow, which is hugely beneficial for any organization
  • Encourages people to be accountable for both personal and professional commitments
  • Communications improves throughout the organization (and also at home—added benefit!)
  • Learn to approach problem solving and conflict in different ways

How Do I Know if agile Coaching Is Right for My Organization?

Coaching offers benefits for every organization—even those organizations that think they are doing everything right tend to incorporate bad habits or modified processes that reduce the overall impact of Agile. But the organizations that can really see the most impact from coaching usually fall into one of three categories:

  1. Brand New To Agile: At this stage, companies are trying to figure out if Agile is right for them, what it would look like in their organization if they did implement, and beginning to identify potential challenges in adopting Agile. Our coaches can help you make an informed opinion and then build an entire plan for implementing Agile across your entire organization.
  2. Mid-Implementation: At this stage, companies have the tools and the basic knowledge of Agile. This is where the rubber hits the road—they are forming habits and may be struggling or hitting their first roadblocks. Our coaches can work side-by-side with them to make sure they apply those tools in the most efficient way to maximize effectiveness.
  3. Advanced Agile Seeking Cultural Shift: At this stage, a company has seen the benefits of Agile and is looking for ways to grow and change their entire organization. This is often where Agile leaves one Team and spreads to outside business lines and leadership. Our coaches can work with every level of the company from executive leadership down to create a true cultural shift that unlocks the full potential of Agile across your entire organization. This level of coaching is best for companies that have a business unit or a division that is maximizing Agile and succeeding but now they want more- they want to implement Agile in all areas of their business. They want to be Agile leaders. They don’t want to “do” Agile they want to “be” Agile.


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