Have you ever wished you could have one of Braintrust’s Certified Coaches come to your office and work directly with your team on your specific issues?

Now, through our custom coaching engagements, you can. Our team of experts can mentor your teams, assist leaders with Agile implementation planning, support Product and IT management with role adoptions, and guide teams through new processes, meetings, and roles.

No matter what stage of adoption you might be in, customized coaching with Braintrust is the best way to ensure optimal implementation so you receive maximum benefit while kicking Agile into overdrive. Coaching provides an opportunity for your team to benefit from the collective wisdom of our industry-leading experts while navigating real-world challenges in their everyday working environment.

With us by your side, your team will feel confident that they are implementing Agile in the best way for your specific situation.

Benefits of Coaching:

  • Complete access to our coaches for every stage of the Agile process
  • Focus on knowledge transfer, setting your team up for future success
  • Increase customer satisfaction and time-to-market delivery
  • Align development efforts around highest business value features first
  • Gain organizational trust and improve your team’s reputation
  • Experience higher team morale and productivity
  • Improve communications

Happy Training Clients Include:






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“Without Braintrust’s leadership throughout this process we would not have been able to start on the path to Agile as quickly and successfully as we have.”

– Shane Jordan, Internet Marketer, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama

“We never had team members ask why the coaches were there; the teams always asked when they were coming back again.

– Jennifer S Bush, Senior Director, XSP, Capital Markets, SunGard