Braintrust Group Helps Organizations Harness the Power of Agility

From individual training classes to company-wide Agile adoptions, Braintrust Group is the first training company in the world to take the concepts of Agile and apply them to running your business at every level.

Scrum Certification Classes

Braintrust is proud to be the only training provider in North America that is approved to teach every Scrum Alliance Certification. Over 25,000 professionals have chosen Braintrust.

Group and Team Training

From Scrum Certifications to custom workshops, private, group training is the best way to unite your Team, level-set your knowledge, and maximize Agile.

Organizational Transformations

After years of helping clients break through roadblocks and maximize the benefits of Agile, we’ve developed a proven, proprietary approach to Agile success.

It’s time to Rethink Everything

Remote work, Zoom meetings, and evolved employee expectations are all here to stay — To become truly Agile, you must rethink everything from your Leadership style to your organizational culture.

Agile with a capital A

Most people are familiar with the definition of agile—able to move quickly and easily. Let us introduce you to Agile with a capital A—a philosophy that emphasizes close Team collaboration; fast, iterative delivery; and smarter ways to deliver maximum business value to Stakeholders. Agile is a better way to run your entire business.

Better Leadership

Lead With Vision

Agile Leaders are inclusive, empathetic managers who exhibit a greater openness to ideas and innovations. They lead with vision and empower Teams to be self-managing, which frees Leaders to escape from the “doing” and focus on the “strategic.”


Build a Shared Culture

Agile Organizations build their company culture around a set of shared beliefs, values, and vision, which creates a common bond between Leadership and Team Members. They achieve higher productivity, more individual happiness, and greater overall retention of talent.

Get Work Done

Increase Productivity and Team Engagement

Agile Organizations are faster, more resilient, and more adaptable to change. Built on cross-functional, self-organizing, and self-managing Teams, they continuously inspect and adapt in order to streamline their work and get more done. Agile also improves customer satisfaction, buy-in, and participation in the production process so Organizations can focus on what matters most—delivering value to customers.

Benefits of Business Agility in a Post-Covid World

2020 was the year of shock, survival, and shutdowns. 2021 was the year of uncertainty, pivots, and adaptations. In 2022, the most flexible, fastest-moving organizations are going to thrive. Agility is the key to becoming more efficient, more effective, and more fulfilled as a Leader, as a Team, and as an Organization.

Remote Work is the New Norm

Today’s workforce is not in an office. Being Agile means building self-organizing and self-managing Teams that not only survive but thrive in remote environments.

Employees are Leaving in Record Numbers

It’s being called the Great Resignation. Being Agile means building unbreakable bonds with your Team so they won’t leave your Organization for one that values Agile more.

The 9-5 Model is Dead

Employees need flexibility in their schedules. Being Agile means shifting your focus from time-based clockwatching to results that measure delivered value and outcomes.

Change is Constant

We live in a VUCA world: Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity—the only constant in today’s world is change. Being Agile means embracing change by continuously inspecting and adapting.Teams that excel are teams that can adapt to change.

Ready to get Certified?

From Certified Scrum Master® (CSM®) to Certified Scrum Professional-Product Owner® (CSP-PO®), we offer the class you want, when you want it. Check out our upcoming class dates now.

Worldwide Impact

Braintrust Group has trained over 25,000 professionals across more than 2,500 organizations. We consider ourselves agents of change and always focus on delivering real-world ROI.



“Hats off to the Braintrust Team for making this virtual class feel so real and engaging. I felt like I was in the classroom! ”

“Kanban is an absolute lifesaver for projects that just won’t fit into Scrum for us. We keep traditional whiteboards with swim lanes and sticky notes and we also use JIRA Agile’s digital Kanban board to track project status and flow.”

“Incredible instructors; transitioning from in-person to virtual experiences didn’t impact the quality of the course”

“This course is outstanding! The instructor introduces and reinforces vital concepts of Scrum and the Product Owner role through an excellent mix of instruction and participation.”

“I learned that my view of “Agile” was pretty much wrong. I also learned that using Scrum, I can greatly increase productivity while providing necessary documentation.”

This course promotes teamwork and the importance of a cross-functional team. With this work style, project development becomes almost effortless because the team is no longer working in a silo.

“Really good course for any IT roles. Especially for our Project Managers, architects & development staff. It gives the team hope for seeing results more quickly!”

This course was phenomenal! Best course I have ever attended. There was never a dull moment because there was constant sensory stimulation. Learning is best accomplished in a fun way, and this course was definitely fun!

Go back to your TV station, radio station, or newspaper company and tell them that the entire staff should take the Scrum Master course!

It breaks down long-ingrained development traditions & shows you how to replace them with a self-directed team approach.

Scrum in many ways is about “doing,” making things happen with your teams. Stop thinking about taking this course and start doing—sign up and watch things start to happen.

This was a really fun class that broke down the different components of Scrum. I loved the way the class was taught. I didn’t feel bored at any time. Lots of activities to keep me engaged.

This course was very useful for me to be better prepared to do my job more effectively. This course highlights how Agile/Scrum can truly be useful regardless of role.

A fun and engaging course that drives home the principles and realities of managing Scrum teams. Hands-on, interactive, thought-provoking, and insightful.

“I gained a deeper understanding of the Product Owner role and what the responsibilities actually are.”

“This course is outstanding! The instructor introduces and reinforces vital concepts of Scrum and the Product Owner role through an excellent mix of instruction and participation.”

“I learned a lot about differentiating between mentoring and coaching, and when to use each one.”

“I learned tips and tricks for better facilitation, working with the PO and stakeholders and how to better align vision and goals with day-to-day work.”

“I learned about being aware of cognitive bias, convergent and divergent thinking concepts, and facilitation techniques.”

“There are so many areas that I’ve gained insight into, but I think the main ones that really resonated with me were: impact mapping, journey mapping, self-analysis of a PO, “buying” a feature, hypothesis, cognitive bias, and the product vision board.”

“I found new tips and techniques I want to bring back to my Scrum Teams AND Leadership teams.”

“Some of the different approaches to coaching, mentoring, and leadership in general. Where to be more involved and where to empower the team to self-solution.”

“I learned that different businesses and different management styles can still have the same issues and how we can fix them.”

“It’s given me a lot to consider about how I can effectively change the culture of my Organization to better support an Agile transformation.”

Ready to experience the freedom of Agile?

From webinars to our world-famous Scrum Process Diagram to our first book, Scrum for the Rest of Us, Braintrust Group is pleased to share our entire library of resources, tools, and videos to show you how Agile can free you, your Team, and your business.




Thoughts From Our Coaches and Trainers

Braintrust Group is here to help you through every stage of your Agile journey. Whether you’re brand new to Agile and looking for a better way to run your business, or you’re an Agile veteran who wants to hear what our Trainers think about the latest changes to the Scrum Guide, you’ll find a ton of useful, organized information in the Braintrust Blog.

About Us

Braintrust Group Specializes in Organizational Agility

In 2008, Braintrust Group was one of the first trainers and educators in the world to realize the power of Agile. Based on that vision, we quickly grew into one of the leading Agile and Scrum training providers in the world.

Now 14 years later, we have a new vision. After training over 25,000 professionals in Agile, we’ve realized that these same core principles that get work done can also be applied to entire Organizations and businesses. Braintrust Group is the only Agile and Scrum specialist in the world that is focused on teaching Leaders and business owners how to take the proven principles of Agile and apply them to their entire business—just as we’ve done in our own business.

With a dedicated team of Certified Scrum Trainers (CSTs), Agile Coaches, and Agile Advisors, Braintrust Group is filled with real-world, experienced practitioners. We don’t just teach Agile, we are Agile.

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