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Scrum Alliance’s Certified Agile Leadership Program

As you have probably heard by now, the Scrum Alliance has officially launched their new Certified Agile Leadership Program. That means that similar to Certified ScrumMaster or Certified Product Owner, leaders in Agile environments can now become Scrum Alliance Certified Agile Leaders. This new emphasis on leadership did not come as a surprise to us at the Braintrust Consulting Group. In fact, we have been advocating for Agile leadership for several years. We believe that Agile leadership is a… Read More

Global Scrum Gathering 2016 – A Synopsis

        From The Desk of Brian Rabon: As you probably know, this week was the Global Scrum Gathering in Orlando Florida. Both Braintrust and the new Center For Agile Leadership played large roles in the event this year, culminating with me giving the opening keynote speech in front of 1,100 of my closest friends. If there were one word to describe the Orlando Scrum Gathering, it would be “ELECTRIC”. From co-chairs Anu Smalley and our own Kate Megaw’s grand entr… Read More

We’re Excited For Global Scrum Gathering 2016

For those of you who don’t know, Global Scrum Gathering 2016 is next week (Monday April 18- Wednesday April 20). This year, the gathering is being held in Orlando, Florida and it’s already sold out! The theme for this year is Infinity and Beyond: Transforming the World of Work.At Braintrust, we love the annual Global Scrum Gatherings because every year we learn something new that we can bring back to our clients. Plus, it's a great opportunity for us to reconnect with our Agile friends and c… Read More

Brian Rabon Selected To Deliver Opening Keynote at Global Gathering 2016

The Braintrust Consulting Group is pleased to announce that our president and founder, Brian Rabon, has been selected to deliver the opening keynote speech at the Global Scrum Gathering-Orlando 2016. The event is being presented by the Scrum Alliance in Orlando, Florida on April 18, 2016. In late 2015, Brian, a pioneer in the field of Agile Leadership, founded the Center for Agile Leadership to educate individuals on how to use Agile leadership skills to grow, scale, and thrive as a true Agil… Read More