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Agile in Change Management: Is Your Company in Dire Need of a Turnaround?

According to Darrell K. Rigby, Simon Henderson, and Marco D’Avino (Harvard Business Review, 2018) agile turnaround leaders typically take five actions: They communicate — even over-communicate — the strategic ambition to a broader range of people. Since leaders know they will be delegating far more decisions, they ensure that people making those decisions are fully aligned on what to do and why to do it. That way, how they do it can be flexible yet faithful to the strategy. … Read More

The Braintrust Consulting Group Announces Partnership with Bowperson Publishing & Training, Inc.

  Birmingham, AL, June 8, 2018—The Braintrust Consulting Group announced today that they will continue to deepen their business relationshipwith Bowperson Publishing & Training, Inc. Under this new partnership, the two organizations will co-present the 2-day “Training from the BACK of the Room” train-the-trainer class, and The Braintrust Consulting Group (Braintrust) will become the exclusive presenter of Sharon Bowman’s 1-day “Trainer Certification Course” in the USA. I… Read More

Scrum Process Overview

Braintrust President, Trainer & Coach Kate Megaw Provides a Quick Introductory Overview to Scrum Process  Get Video Tips Sent Straight to Your Inbox * indicates required Email Address * First Name          Last Name          // Read More

Can Agile Work in Government?

Deloitte Insights recently published new findings that show that major federal software projects are getting smaller and shorter. They also found that in 2017 almost 80 percent of major federal software projects are now classified as either Agile or iterative. Click here to read the full report. However, at The Braintrust Consulting Group we still encounter a huge number of clients who believe that Agile cannot succeed in government. The most common concern or perceived challenge is that gover… Read More