Why Take Braintrust University Classes

August 10, 2022

Braintrust University was designed to teach Organizations, Teams, and Leaders to increase productivity, increase employee happiness, and evolve entire organizational cultures.

So why take a Braintrust University class over a Certified Scrum class? The classes are not just about Agile and Scrum! We strip out the jargon and the IT speak and focus on delivering business value, making this perfect for all departments in your Organization.

Why take Braintrust University classes

Scrum without the certifications

Yes, defined Scrum Teams have established roles that either require or greatly benefit from having certifications. While that doesn’t apply to your entire Organization, everyone can benefit from learning Agile and Scrum concepts, no matter their department.

More Specialized

Instead of just having a two-day class that covers the basics of Scrum roles, Braintrust University classes take a deep dive into important concepts like User Story Writing and Leading High-Performance Teams.

custom curriculum

Building on the collective feedback of 25,000 Agile Professionals, Braintrust University is our own set of custom classes that address the most common challenges, topics, and areas that our students need.

flexible schedule

All Braintrust University classes are available as private, on-site, or virtual delivery and can work around your schedule as full or half-day sessions.

real-life application

We don’t waste your time on hypotheticals. Every Braintrust University Class was designed to meet real, specific needs that have been brought up by our students.

If you’re interested in learning more about Braintrust University, check out our class curriculum! We have every “major”—from class offerings for Product Owners to classes that will benefit your entire Organization!


Tanya Twerdowsky

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