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Where are You on Your Scrum Master Journey?

July 7, 2021

At Braintrust, one of our favorite questions is “Where are you on #YourAgileJourney?” We like to use the analogy of a car going down a highway to help with the visualization.

Getting into the car

These people may have just heard of the terms Agile and Scrum and are interested in learning more. Or maybe they got hired into an Organization that is Agile, and they need to learn the different roles

Starting to drive down the road

These are the students in Certified Scrum Master (CSM) classes. They are just getting started on their Agile journey and their entire Scrum Master career stretches out in front of them! 

Cruising along confidently

These Scrum Masters have been in their roles for a while now and are confident in what they do. They’re looking for something to keep them awake and inspired, so they decide to take an Advanced Certified Scrum Master (ACSM) class. 

Pausing at a rest stop

Sometimes Scrum Masters pause their careers for a while, then get right back on their journey. They can keep their certifications up-to-date though by earning SEUs or PDUs in a variety of ways.

Entering the highway

People become Scrum Masters at various points in their careers with very different backgrounds.

Going off an exit

Sometimes Scrum Masters switch roles and become Product Owners, or change jobs to a company that isn’t Agile, or switch careers completely. That doesn’t make them any less of a Scrum Master, though! They may still practice Scrum at home or unofficially with their new Teams.

Getting some gas

Being a Scrum Master isn’t always an easy role. That’s why it’s great to meet with other Scrum Masters virtually or at meet-ups, attend conferences, and join webinars to share ideas and problem solve. 

Arriving at the destination

Some Scrum Masters are seasoned and have been on their Scrum Master journey for quite some time. But as we all know, the journey doesn’t even when you get to your destination. They can become Certified Scrum Professional-Scrum Masters (CSP-SM), or even go for their Certified Scrum Trainer! 

No matter where you are on your Scrum Master journey, Braintrust is here to help!


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