Scope Creep, and how to avoid it.

June 9, 2011

When you are planning a project, or even during project implementation, there are usually small changes that need to be made a long the way. Maybe the client has a particular request, maybe the budget gets revised, or maybe materials are not available as previously thought and negotiations have to occur. Whatever the minor changes are, they are rather insignificant unless you as a project manager fail to monitor these changes effectively. Enter Scope Creep.

Scope Creep is when small, relatively minor, changes congregate to create a collective nightmare. For obvious reasons, stress during a project only complicates completion, so the best way to ensure your minor changes along the way remain minor is to take each one seriously when it arises.

When a minor change comes along, check the budget immediately, write down the appropriate schedule change, and communicate openly with your team and with your client. Do not be afraid to delegate when needed. Do what it takes, but take action on each small issue with immediate care and precise judgement. Objective, honest, alert handling will help ensure you avoid the nightmares of scope creep.




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