Keeping Track of Bugs on a Project

January 2, 2011

Bugs. No, not the bunny.

Bugs on a project are the issues, problems, flaws, hiccups, obstacles, bump-in-the-road, type stuff that comes up along the way during a project.

Left alone, these little things can become an infestation. Best to exterminate on the front end before you have a big problem.

The easiest way to manage, and overcome, the bugs in a project is to keep track of them as they are reported, and schedule in the maintenance of these issues just as you would a task, user story, or other part of a project. As with any frustrations, they can seem minor, they can be bothersome, and it can be tempting to procrastinate on handling these little problems in lieu of something with a higher priority tag. However, the wiser move might be to incorporate bugs on a project just as you would user stories or individual tasks. Take them on as another step in the road to success.

You might assign someone to be in charge of eliminating the bug, or you might change the way the next task is implemented so that the bug is eliminated en route. The main thing is to realize that as the PM on the project, it is your job to track the bugs as they arrive and to ensure they are not only given their due attention, but that they do not become hindrances to the project’s success.



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