Issues don’t blindside and derail your projects as much anymore

August 2, 2010

Has this scenario every happened to you? A trusted resource has a two week task on the critical path of your project. On the day before it is due the developer comes to you to say that they will be missing the deadline. Turns out that the technology involved wouldn’t work and the developer has been trying for days to find an alternative solution. If only you had known of this issue earlier you could have found an alternate resolution and not delayed the entire project.

In Agile the iterations are short and long delays can quickly derail a project. Fortunately within the daily inspect and adapt cycle of Agile, project teams can raise and discuss issues almost real time. With everyone together they are able to make group determinations as to what to do about the challenges that they face. In addition Agile, through the adoption of servant leadership, aligns the entire organization’s management team around timely issue resolution. Overall Agile provides a daily forum for raising and resolving issues, therefore increasing the overall speed of resolution.



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