Introducing Braintrust On Demand

November 1, 2019

Over the past 10 years, The Braintrust Consulting Group has trained over 12,000 Scrum and Agile professionals across the United States. And while classroom training is great, one thing that we hear over and over again from our clients is the need for continued support when they return to their team or organization.To address this pressing need, and to fulfill our mission of always helping others grow, we spent the last 12 months creating Braintrust On Demand.

As a virtual, E-learning community, Braintrust On Demand will feature deep dives into critical Agile and Scrum topics taught by our expert trainers. Our goal is to create a 24/7 virtual classroom where you can continue to grow anytime and anywhere. Unlike other virtual training solutions, Braintrust On Demand combines premium content with a vibrant community and access to experienced Braintrust professionals.

Each Braintrust On Demand class is broken down into short video modules so you can learn at your own pace, when it’s most convenient for you. The classes have resources, quizzes, downloadable materials, and videos for you to refer to. You can also ask questions and interact with our On Demand trainers.

To decide on our first On Demand class topic, we surveyed our class attendees and loyal Braintrust fans. Overwhelmingly, the most popular topic was Advanced Product Strategies. So, that’s what we are launching first. But, this first class is only the beginning. We’re already working on classes centered around Writing Better User Stories, Holding Effective Meetings in Scrum, and Conducting Better Retrospectives.

Advanced Product Strategy

Advanced Product Strategy On Demand

Want to up your game as a Product Owner? Advanced Product Strategy, led by Braintrust President, Kate Megaw, includes more than 3.5 hours of video content and a multitude of downloads and resources. You’ll learn Advanced Product Strategies including; Product Vision Board, Stakeholder Power and Interest Grid, Story Mapping, Trade Off Matrix, Release Planning, Customer Journeys, Epics, Spikes, and Story Splitting, and Business Value Assessment.

At only $249, you’ll come away from the class being able to write more inspiring product visions; create deeper engagement with your stakeholders; conduct better, more valuable customer interviews; and take control of your backlog. Plus, you’ll earn 6 SEU/PDUs to help you maintain your existing certifications. Click here to learn more.

At The Braintrust Consulting Group, we are committed to helping you grow in every step of your Agile journey. We’ve custom built Braintrust On Demand from the ground up for you—Agile practitioners who want to take a deep dive into critical Agile topics. Our hope is that this becomes a thriving community, which provides support and resources 24/7 to help successfully implement the values and principles of Agile.



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