How to Set Yourself Up for Success in January

December 16, 2021
For some of us, it’s the last full workweek of 2021. So as you’re scrambling to finish projects and close out the year on a high note, do Future You a favor and set yourself up for 2022—the Year of Agile. That way, when you get back to the office in January, you’ll have your plan ready to go!
Check your Scrum Alliance certification status—Carve out some time to log your SEUs and PDUs from the events you attended, articles you read, webinars you watched this year. If your certification is about to expire or you’d like to take an advanced class but your employer is hesitant to invest in #YourAgileJourney, here’s a great resource from the Scrum Alliance on how to change their minds.
Book 2022 classes or purchase class vouchers—Don’t let the remainder of your 2021 training budget go to waste. We have our 2022 schedule posted if you want to go ahead and book specific classes, or you can purchase a Braintrust voucher for any amount to use on a public class, workshop, or Private Training. Reach out to learn more.
Make a list of meetings your Team can have in January—The new year is a great time to meet with your Team to examine and update Team Agreements, Definition of Done, and review your Product Backlog. We will be spending the entire month of January walking you through this process!

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