How to Have an Agile Thanksgiving

November 18, 2021

Thanksgiving is only a week away, which can be both exciting and stressful. If you’re leaning more toward dreading the week ahead and all that needs to be done, we’re here to remind you to apply your Agile skills to help make your holiday run as smoothly as your Agile Organization.

Create a Kanban board

Whether it’s physical or digital, having a Kanban Board for all your looming tasks can help you stay sane and organized. You can have two separate boards—one for work tasks in the next week and one for home tasks—or you can combine the two and color code your various projects. You can even get the family involved!

Execute a Sprint

Take a look at your Product Backlog to see if you have any projects that absolutely have to be done in the next week. Maybe it’s a deliverable to a client, or it can be finishing a home project before all the family comes over. Since you have a set timebox already (one week!), go ahead and get the work completed!

Conduct a Retrospective

When Thanksgiving is over and all the leftovers are put away, it’ll be time to inspect and adapt. Did you not get your work finished in time and had to sneak in work and email breaks between family visits? Did you plan too elaborate of a menu and felt stressed about the meal? Did your boss not respect your time off? Talk to your Team and your family to analyze what went well and what needs to be adjusted before the December holidays hit.

Stay tuned for our announcement of the 2021 Braintrust Cyber Monday special! We promise you it’ll be worth it.


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