Going Green: Lean Project Management Eliminates Garbage

July 9, 2010

Lean Project Management is a process alot like trying to buy the most groceries at the end of the month. If the money is short, you might choose to buy meat and veggies and save that Pop-Tart splurge for next month.

When PMs are faced with tight budgets and even tighter time constraints, they often turn to “lean project management” to cut out any unneeded steps to get the job done as fast and as effectively as possible with little to no waste.

Some of the key tenants of this process are

  • identifying weak links in your team
  • providing more solo time instead of micro-managing
  • expose wasteful practices and eliminate them.

Lean Project Management is one of the fastest growing trends among project managers and the latest way to “go green”. Read more About Lean here.



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