Braintrust’s New Guaranteed to Run Program

March 26, 2015

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Ever signed up for a class, make travel arrangements, and then at the last minute gotten a call saying that the class is cancelled due to low enrollment? Talk about being pissed off. We hate when this happens! The personal impact of a cancelled class includes:

  • Not getting the necessary training that you need in the time you need it
  • The cost of re-booking your travel
  • Having to re-arrange your schedule

In an industry where it is commonplace for training classes to be cancelled or rescheduled, Braintrust has decided to make a deeper commitment to our clients. We realize it takes a major commitment to schedule the necessary time to come to one of our classes and we take that very seriously. And so, we created this new guaranteed to run program to eliminate the uncertainty and possibility of cancelations. We appreciate each of our attendees and want to show our dedication by having classes that are guaranteed to run, no matter what.

When the guaranteed to run seal of approval is seen next to a class, you can write it in ink in your calendar. Even if it’s just you and the instructor, you can be 100% certain the class you registered for is going to take place on the date scheduled. The guaranteed to run seal of approval lets you book your Braintrust class with confidence.

We sat down with Braintrust President, Brian Rabon, to learn more about why he championed the new guaranteed to run program.

Why did you decide to create the guaranteed to run classes?

Brian: Braintrust has always put our clients first and we value input from each of them. One of the suggestions we hear a lot is the idea that classes need to be guaranteed. We take those comments to heart and we realize that classes being rescheduled or cancelled are a major inconvenience. In a continued effort to serve our clients better, we created the guaranteed to run program, which means clients can book without fear of cancelation. In some cases that may mean that Braintrust will run a class with only one or two attendees in the classroom. That’s okay with us, because every student is our top priority and we will honor our guarantee.

Are all Braintrust classes guaranteed?

Brian: Our long term goal is to guarantee as many of our classes as we can. Currently, we are testing the model by guaranteeing select classes in beta markets. You can tell which classes are guaranteed by looking for the guaranteed to run seal with our favorite Braintrust pig giving the thumbs up.

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