Braintrust Offers On-Site Training!

October 4, 2019
Did you know that you can bring Braintrust training to your whole team? Your organization isn’t one-size-fits-all, and neither is our training. Whether your team is new to Agile/Scrum or preparing for ScrumMaster certification, we can tailor a training plan to meet your specific needs. 


TOP 8 Reasons to Bring Braintrust On-Site:

#1 Customized Class Content

When we come onsite to train your team, we use your real-life situations in the class and help IDS real-world challenges that your team is facing right now.

#2 Team Building

When your team trains together, they grow together.

#3 Universal Knowledge = Better Implementation

When everyone learns the same material together, then everyone has a common language and can work together to implement it.

#4 Save Travel Time

When we come to you, we travel so that your team can keep working.


#5 Save Money

Depending on how many people you need to train, on-site classes can actually be cheaper than sending those same people to one of our public classes. 

#6 Free Guidance 

Before you ever book on-site training with us, one of our expert Agile Guides will help you evaluate your goals and needs and then help you select the right training path to maximize your Agile journey.

#7 Specialized Offerings

In our on-site training catalog, we offer a wide variety of specialized topics that are not offered publicly. 

#8 Discounts on Public Classes

After on-site training, our private clients get exclusive offers and discounts on all public class seats for 12 months.

And right now, if you book an on-site training for your team in the month of October, you will receive a free ticket to ANY Braintrust public class of your choice. That’s a value of up to $1,995! 

Email Dan Reynolds to learn more!

*Onsite training must be confirmed by October 31, 2019, but can be scheduled/redeemed for any future date. A special coupon code for your free class ticket will be provided to you upon the signature of an onsite training agreement. The free class ticket can be used by you, or anyone, from your organization.


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