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Agile Checklist to Finish 2021 Strong

October 5, 2021

We blinked, and suddenly the end of the year is rapidly approaching. But don’t stress—we’re here to help you get organized and prepared for 2022 long before the chaotic holiday season hits.

Conduct Retrospectives

Now is the best time of year to schedule Retrospectives for yourself, your Team, and even your family. Grab some paper or Post-It Notes, a pen, and settle down with this blog post with details on how to do an effective retrospective. That way, you still have time to inspect and adapt and make any necessary changes before the end of the year.

Check your Scrum Alliance certification Status

When’s the last time you visited the Scrum Alliance website to check your certification status? Don’t let your expiration date sneak up on you and your hard work go to waste—log into your Scrum Alliance account, check your certification status, and log your SEUs or PDUs. You can also take a class with us that will automatically renew your Scrum Alliance and gets you a new certification!

Get a new certification

End your year on a personal and professional high note by getting a new Scrum certification. If you’re already a Certified Scrum Master or Certified Scrum Product Owner and are looking for a new, fresh way to advance along #YourAgileJourney, you should look into our Certified Agile Leadership classes! Whether you choose Certified Agile Leadership—Essentials (CAL-E), Certified Agile Leadership—Teams (CAL-T), or Certified Agile Leadership—Organizations (CAL-O), these classes will teach you the skills necessary in order to become an effective leader in an Agile culture. You can learn more about all our CAL classes in our FREE Q&A on Friday, October 8th. Register here!

Use up your training budget

If you still have some money left in your 2021 training budget, now’s the time to use it! Here’s our class schedule for the remainder of the year (and into 2022). You can also reach out to our Agile Advisors to find out about training your entire Team with a group discount.



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