2010 is the Year of the Project Manager

February 16, 2010

My friend Phyllis Neill (@wementorsmm) sent me an article the other day; the title was “Global Knowledge survey unveils 10 hottest IT jobs”. It turns out that Cary-based Global Knowledge conducted a survey late last year in order to determine the most in-demand IT job for 2010. To my surprise Project Management was ranked number one. For the reason why PM stood above the crowd let’s turn directly to the article:

“Companies are less interested in spending money on IT initiatives and are looking to maximize their return on investment through better implementation of needed information technology systems.”

A couple of key points stood out for me “maximize their return on investment” and “through better implementation”. Let’s investigate each of these:

When I think about maximizing ROI, I think about minimizing implementation costs. The lower the product costs to implement, the less new revenue will be required to recoup the project costs, and the higher the ROI will be. By carefully managing projects and keeping an eye on the bottom line PMs will be able to help companies achieve the highest ROI possible.

“Through better implementation” is a point that I think most PMs can relate to. Isn’t everything that we do focused on achieving better execution? We must be ever vigilant about not implementing process for processes sake, however now is our time to shine. Let’s demonstrate to the world that PM can provide better implementations through lightweight processes focused on delivery business value.

In summary, 2010 is the year of the PM. There is no doubt in my mind that as the economy recovers PMs will be needed more than ever.

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