How to Have an Agile Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is only a week away, which can be both exciting and stressful. If you’re leaning more toward dreading the week ahead and all that needs to be done, we’re here to remind you to apply your Agile skills to help make your holiday run as smoothly as your Agile Organization. Create a Kanban board … Read More

How to Conduct a Post-Pandemic Retrospective

This year’s Retrospectives are critical because of the ongoing pandemic and the turmoil it has caused. Maybe your Organization went back full-time to the office, or has adopted a hybrid model of working. Or maybe you have an empty office sitting out there. Now is a great time to inspect, adapt, and analyze what’s been … Read More

Braintrust’s Most-Downloaded Resource of 2021

We thought we’d end things on a high note and present our most downloaded resources of 2021—the Scrum Master Action Plan and the Product Owner Action Plan!   This past summer, we did a two-month deep dive into Scrum Masters and Product Owners. We started with the question, “Do we even need a Scrum Master … Read More

Braintrust Resources that Help #YourAgileJourney

How familiar are you with Braintrust’s free resources that help keep you in-the-know and advancing on #YourAgileJourney. Here’s our list!  Webinars Braintrust has 140 free webinar recordings chock-full of all the latest information and updates about Agile and Scrum. These can act as refreshers for your certifications, used in Lunch & Learn settings, or passed along … Read More

Agile Checklist to Finish 2021 Strong

We blinked, and suddenly the end of the year is rapidly approaching. But don’t stress—we’re here to help you get organized and prepared for 2022 long before the chaotic holiday season hits.  Conduct Retrospectives Now is the best time of year to schedule Retrospectives for yourself, your Team, and even your family. Grab some paper … Read More

Benefits of Business Agility in a Post-Covid World

According to multiple articles, Organizations that are Agile have been able to pivot much more easily during the Covid era than Organizations that are not Agile.  In our recent webinar, we outlined the benefits of Business Agility as well as the three circles of an Agile Transformation.  The benefits of business agility The freedom, flexibility, … Read More

Curious About Certified Agile Leadership II (CAL II)?

Are you ready to take your Agile Leadership journey to the next level? Join a small team of cohorts on this six-month program that explores leadership in an Agile context and an Agile approach to change. This program is a mix of live, virtual participation each month, combined with individual work and cohort check-in. Throughout … Read More