Do We Really Need a Product Owner?

Do we really need a Product Owner—we have someone in the Organization who does their regular, full-time functional role as well as the duties of being a Product Owner. The Product Owner needs to be a full-time role within the Org. Once the Product Owner is freed up from their functional duties, they can then … Read More

What Exactly is Scrum?

The most simple response to “what exactly is Scrum?” is that Scrum is a great framework for developers. But why is this? Well, in a competitive software development market, things need to move fast. Newer technologies become available and customer needs evolve quickly. This also means that development teams must move fast. Also, they must … Read More

Why Agile Has Been So Important During Covid-19

When it comes to project management, you might think the latest buzzword thrown about on the Internet is Agile. But if you think that it’s just a buzzword, you are mistaken. Agile is a very effective and efficient way of managing projects. Because of this, and although it was mainly seen previously as a set … Read More

Does a Scrum Master Need to be Technical?

Given that Scrum has traditionally been adopted in IT first and is seen as an “IT thing,” there is a myth that a Scrum Master need to be technical. That’s not true at all! There’s nothing in the Scrum Guide that requires them to be technical. Their communication and collaboration skills are of more importance … Read More

Can I Be a Certified Scrum Master® and Not Work in Software?

Now more than ever, Organizations need to be Agile to adapt to the constant changes around us. And that does not mean just the software developers or IT departments—Agile and Scrum extend far beyond IT! Perhaps you know a Scrum Master in your Organization or you’ve been asked to take on a Scrum Master-like role, … Read More

Introducing Certified Scrum Master® (CSM®) Outside of Software

Do you run projects? Or are they running you? Let’s face it—getting a team of people committed to a common goal while achieving a pre-determined timeline and staying under budget is hard. Whether you work in an accounting/legal office, are a marketer, claims supervisor, or even a stay-at-home parent, there are takeaways from Scrum that … Read More

CAL II Grads—Uncovering and Overcoming My Saboteurs

I must say that this peer review was one of the most challenging tasks I’ve had in the last 6 months. Why you ask? Because the first requirement was to identify ‘one’ thing I learned about myself during the course!! Are you kidding me? One? Just One? I learned so many things about myself that … Read More