CAL II Grads—Coaching with Confidence

My journey into Agile Leadership started with a significant change in my career path. I was a highly respected and confident technical leader with over 25 years of experience. I thrived on taking on the tough challenges and solving complex problems with simple, elegant, solutions. That position was becoming stale. I felt like I was … Read More

CAL II Grads—Motherhood Prepared Me for Leadership

When I started CALII in the spring of 2021, I began the process of reflecting on my personal journey as a leader. I looked back in time, to identify where my leadership traits began to emerge and to reflect on how my path led to the decisions I make today. In retrospect, I think my … Read More

CAL II Grads—Facing My Saboteurs

Saboteurs! Before this class, I wasn’t aware of the term Saboteurs from a leadership perspective and how it could have such an impact on my leadership abilities. What I had assumed to be strength could actually be holding me back! That was a revelation that took a while for me to understand the why(s) and … Read More

CAL II Grads—Goodbye, Saboteur. Hello, Certified Agile Leader!

Before attending the CAL II session, I honestly believed myself to be a really good leader. I knew I was fairly harsh on myself in regards to my own actions, but I felt in the area of leader people and setting good examples, I was solid. I am not necessarily saying I am not a … Read More

Convince Leadership to Invest in #YourAgileJourney

Depending on your Organization and its psychological safety, approaching Leadership to suggest a shift in becoming Agile or evaluating your Organization’s Agility can feel daunting. That’s when providing outside studies and articles can help plead your case.  Here is a letter template we created for you to fill out and send to Leadership (or whoever … Read More

Welcome to the Year of Agile!

2020 was the year of shock, survival, and shutdowns. 2021 was the year of uncertainty, pivots, and adaptations. 2022 will be the year where the most Agile companies win. As we all accept our new post-Covid realities, organizations are making more permanent decisions about how to move forward. Some have or will return to the … Read More

How to Set Yourself Up for Success in January

For some of us, it’s the last full workweek of 2021. So as you’re scrambling to finish projects and close out the year on a high note, do Future You a favor and set yourself up for 2022—the Year of Agile. That way, when you get back to the office in January, you’ll have your … Read More