Meet the Braintrust Agile Advisors

Since we can’t be having public gatherings any time soon, we will be highlighting the Braintrust team throughout the coming months. While it’s not the same, it can help us all stay connected virtually and ensure you don’t forget what we look like! First up is our team of Agile Advisors, who help guide you … Read More

Agile Resolutions for 2021

It’s that time when everyone is thinking about starting fresh. Last month, we talked in detail about personal and professional retrospectives. Now that the calendar has flipped to the new year, it’s time to take those retros and turn them into resolutions! Here are some of Braintrust’s resolutions going into 2021.  Express praise and gratitude … Read More

How to Do a Retrospective for 2020

2020 was a doozy for most of us. That’s why this year more than ever it’s important to do some personal and professional retrospectives.   get ready to do a retrospective Before you read further, go ahead and grab paper or Post-It Notes, and a pen. This is an interactive blog post!  When starting a … Read More

Cooks and Chefs: Why Agile Hasn’t Fixed Our Problems

Agile has become a jungle of tooling vendors and consulting companies selling frameworks that are implemented almost as a blueprint or a recipe. There are too many cooks when what we need is more chefs. Let me explain… Cooks follow recipes. Chefs create them. We need both. However, it’s much easier to copy recipes that … Read More

Braintrust Family Thanksgiving Recipes

Since we consider our students a part of the Braintrust family, we wanted to share our favorite family Thanksgiving recipes!   Kate Megaw’s Bread Sauce Recipe The only cookery book I have is Delia’s Christmas one and it is used twice a year (Christmas & Thanksgiving) and has been used for the past 30 years! … Read More

Changes to the Scrum Guide

To align with Scrum’s 25th Anniversary, co-creators Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland released an update to the Scrum Guide 2020. The main changes are identified below.   Changes between 2017 and 2020 Scrum Guides   1. Even Less Prescriptive Over the years, the Scrum Guide started getting a bit more prescriptive. The 2020 version aimed to … Read More

What is the Real Value of Certifications?

In a world where Agile is becoming increasingly known and popular, there are many Agile classes to take, webinars to attend, and books to read.  And while all education is important, having actual Agile certifications are invaluable to you, your team, and your organization.   Value to the Organization If you have Certified ScrumMasters & … Read More