Product Owner 101

What Does A Product Owner Do?

May 5, 2023

The role of a product owner is vital in any organization that uses the scrum development methodology. As a key decision-maker, the product owner has several essential responsibilities that ensure a project moves smoothly from conception to completion. 

What Does A Product Owner Do?

Their most significant task is determining what features and functionalities should be included in the final product based on the end users’ and stakeholders’ needs and priorities.

Product Owner Role and Responsibilities

In addition to setting the direction of the project, a product owner collaborates closely with both the development team and the stakeholders. They are responsible for maintaining a well-organized and prioritized product backlog and making decisions on the scope and timeline of the project while also ensuring that the team receives timely feedback from clients and users. This multifaceted role requires a deep understanding of the business domain and the technical aspects of the product being developed.

Product Vision and Strategy

The product owner plays a crucial role in defining and aligning the product vision with business objectives. They are responsible for translating the vision into a strategic roadmap, prioritizing features, and ensuring that the development team understands the desired outcomes.

Product Backlog Management

Managing the product backlog is a key responsibility of the product owner. This includes creating and refining backlog items, prioritizing them according to business value, and ensuring that they are ready for the development team to work on during each sprint.

Liaison between Stakeholders and Development Team

The product owner serves as the main link between stakeholders and the development team. They communicate the needs and expectations of stakeholders to the team and provide feedback on the work completed. This ensures that the product meets the desired outcomes and that stakeholders remain informed about progress.

Sprint Planning and Review

In collaboration with the scrum team, the product owner takes part in sprint planning to decide which backlog items will be addressed during the sprint. They also participate in the sprint review, where the development team demonstrates the completed work and the product owner provides feedback on functionality and alignment with the vision.

Product Owner vs Product Manager

In an agile environment, the Product Owner focuses primarily on identifying customer needs and prioritizing features to optimize product value. The Product Manager is responsible for product strategy, positioning, and market research.


Job titles may vary across organizations, but generally, the Product Owner is part of the team executing the project, while the Product Manager has a more strategic role in the organization.


Effective collaboration between these roles is crucial for a successful product. They must work closely together to ensure the product’s features align with the overall product strategy and client expectations.

Maximizing Value in Product Development

A Scrum Product Owner holds a pivotal position in the pursuit of maximizing the value delivered by a product. This is accomplished through collaboration, prioritization, and diligent monitoring of project progression. 

Market Research and User Feedback

Product owners play a crucial role in maximizing value by conducting market research and gathering user feedback. They analyze customer needs and end users’ preferences to identify high-value product features. This helps them create relevant product backlog items and prioritize them accordingly.

Prioritization and Roadmapping

Product owners are responsible for establishing a clear roadmap and prioritizing product backlog items. They consider factors such as market trends, customer needs, and feature relevance, ensuring that the software development process focuses on high-impact elements. This helps in maximizing value for customers and stakeholders.

Cross-Functional Teams Collaboration

Collaboration with cross-functional teams is essential for product owners to maximize value. They work closely with software development teams, sharing knowledge and feedback to refine product features. This collaboration ensures that the product meets customer needs and increases overall value.

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