Training Approach


If you are looking for a boring, classroom lecture where you can take a nap and earn PDUs, then you are in the wrong place. If you think that manufacturing the worlds best paper airplanes by following the latest in proven Scrum techniques sounds like fun, then you are in the right place.

Our approach to training at The Braintrust Consulting Group can be summed up in two words…

energetic and engaging

At The Braintrust Consulting Group, we are passionate about Agile and it shows through in every class that we teach. We not only teach Agile, we live and breathe it. Our unique approach to training focuses on hands-on-exercises and utilizes the latest brain science techniques from the field of Accelerated Learning. No matter which one of our classes you attend, you will be entertained, challenged, and engaged. We guarantee you will leave with a new set of skills that are ready to be applied immediately and have fun at the same time!

But you don’t have to take our word for it.

Here are a few comments from people just like you who have been through one of our classes:
  • “Not your typical training class. While there were power point slides, exercises were incorporated to make the class less school-like. I never felt bored.” – Tracy
  • “Instructor was very talented in his presentation methods. Not boring! Class activities challenge participants and drive home learning objectives.” – Jesse
  • “This is a fun, interactive class in Scrum. It uses experiential learning to really establish an understanding of Scrum for the participants.” – Gloria
  • “This was an excellent class not only because of the great content but because it was extremely interactive and successfully engaged multiple learning styles.” – Elisha
  • “This class was very hands on and encouraged learning through exercises and interaction rather than just reviewing materials. This was one of the more engaging classs I’ve participated in.” – Brian
  • “I found the exercises in the class kept me entertained completely so that I didn’t even realize I was in a classroom setting. Each activity we did helped me get a more solid understanding of the principles of Scrum.” – Lori
  • “The CSM class from Braintrust was the most interactive and dynamic class I’ve ever experienced.” –Mark

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