Recommended Reading List for Agile Teams

My daughter is off to the library today because she’s participating in the summer reading program. I used to love that time because I could read for pleasure without having some sort of school assignment due as a result. While you’re off at the beach or some other vacation destination, check out our recommended reading … Read More

Scope Creep, and how to avoid it.

When you are planning a project, or even during project implementation, there are usually small changes that need to be made a long the way. Maybe the client has a particular request, maybe the budget gets revised, or maybe materials are not available as previously thought and negotiations have to occur. Whatever the minor changes … Read More

Project Managers are the Ultimate Intermediary

Have you every noticed that as project managers we are always making promises based on other peoples promises. In a sense a project manager is the ultimate intermediary, always in the middle of every transaction. It is the very nature of our work we rely on others to accomplish the activities of our project. In … Read More