Are Your Communications Treated Like SPAM?

I spent some time recently responding to the comments that come through to this blog. It’s amazing how much of it is spam – junk messages that have nothing to do with the site. While it’s necessary to weed out the spam from time to time, I began to think about how others receive our … Read More

Popular Project Management Phrases – Part One

Last week, as I was teaching a PMP Exam Prep course, I couldn’t help but be reminded of all those PM phrases that we have come to know and love. I thought it might be interesting to examine a few of these phrases and ask the question, “Are they still relevant?” This week’s phrase: “The … Read More

Project Managers are the Ultimate Intermediary

Have you every noticed that as project managers we are always making promises based on other peoples promises. In a sense a project manager is the ultimate intermediary, always in the middle of every transaction. It is the very nature of our work we rely on others to accomplish the activities of our project. In … Read More

2010 is the Year of the Project Manager

My friend Phyllis Neill (@wementorsmm) sent me an article the other day; the title was “Global Knowledge survey unveils 10 hottest IT jobs”. It turns out that Cary-based Global Knowledge conducted a survey late last year in order to determine the most in-demand IT job for 2010. To my surprise Project Management was ranked number … Read More