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Project Managers are the Ultimate Intermediary

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Have you every noticed that as project managers we are always making promises based on other peoples promises. In a sense a project manager is the ultimate intermediary, always in the middle of every transaction. It is the very nature … Continued

2010 is the Year of the Project Manager

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My friend Phyllis Neill (@wementorsmm) sent me an article the other day; the title was “Global Knowledge survey unveils 10 hottest IT jobs”. It turns out that Cary-based Global Knowledge conducted a survey late last year in order to determine … Continued

The Daily Scrum – A Commentary from the Project Manager’s Perspective

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One of the most effective practices of the Scrum agile methodology is that of “the daily Scrum”. “The daily Scrum” is a fifteen minute, time-boxed, stand-up meeting typically held first thing in the morning. During the meeting the project manager … Continued