Agile Success Rates Versus Waterfall

Many folks are hesitant to adopt Agile. The old Waterfall (traditional project management) methodology may just feel comfortable to them. The idea of not having all of the documentation that accompanies Waterfall might scare some project managers. Or companies could simply not understand Agile. If you’re in this boat, then maybe some statistics will help … Read More

Scrum Certification: Too Easy?

There is a interesting debate out there today about Scrum certification and whether or not it should matter to employees. From a job hunters perspective, however, the question might need to be simply does the certification matter to employees. In Deborah Hartmann Preuss’ article, “Opinion: Time for an Agile Certification Program” she presents the argument … Read More

Jorge Alvarez to speak at PMI Conference in Houston June 14

Coming up June 14, this Project Management giant will be giving a presentation at the 2010 PMI Houston Conference and Expo. His presentation will be about how to create the Value Add in PMO. His information will undoubtedbly change your business and increase your success. Round about Houston June 14? Consider attending.

Ways to Identify Project Scope

Here are some suggestions on how you might narrow the focus on your project’s scope and identify for all involved exactly what your project will accomplish, and exactly what it won’t.

Project Scope

Many project management websites will talk to you about the need to manage time, money, and resources. But rarely is there a good article addressing the importance of project scope.