Role, Function, and Purpose. Not the same things.

You may feel like you’re headed back to English class, but let’s take a minute and discuss the semantics behind Role, Function, and Purpose as words themselves. They are individual words within the English language that often get used interchangeably when in fact, each word has not only it’s own meaning, but it’s own usage … Read More

Unruly meeting, Disciplined Response

Not all project management meetings go the way you plan. In the “Perfect Project Management World” we all hope to have, students that participate in the Scrum, CST, PM, or other training courses we offer are organized, well behaved, disciplined professionals looking to better themselves and their career. However, the world is not perfect, and … Read More

The Power of Forethought

Instead of getting lost in “who’s right” and “who’s wrong”, they exchanged probably three sentences before moving together in concrete action towards a mutual goal.