Say Goodbye to the To-Do List and Hello to Personal Kanban

How important is your “to-do” list in your personal life? While it is one way to keep track of tasks, there is an alternative that is much more powerful – the Personal Kanban. It might have a funny name, but what I’ve learned about this simple tool has powerful implications on the Agile methodology. In … Read More

What is Kanban?

In the project management world, this approach to management has been picked up and used as a method for managing tasks, user stories, and projects on the whole. There are software packages, corporations, and even individuals who are using what is called the “Kanban System” of management.

Staying current in an ever changing field

Much like medical doctors have to stay on top of the major changes in medical advice and even the invention of new medications and FDA laws, etc, so project management will come with its’ updates, changes, and inventions of new methodologies.