How To Work Outside Your Comfort Zone

Found this article today on Business Thought you guys could relate. Discusses topics on How to Work Outside Your Comfort Zone. Read original article here. New managers frequently ask me how to cope with conflicts among colleagues, especially when working on and with global teams. I’ve headed up several internal startup businesses within IBM … Read More

Scope Creep, and how to avoid it.

When you are planning a project, or even during project implementation, there are usually small changes that need to be made a long the way. Maybe the client has a particular request, maybe the budget gets revised, or maybe materials are not available as previously thought and negotiations have to occur. Whatever the minor changes … Read More

Shanghai Trip: Travel Highlights

Recently I had the opportunity to partner with a fellow Scrum Training company in China. It was important for Braintrust to partner in China in order to grow our business internationally, help out a partner company, and —quite simply—because it was cool. The partnering company was OutSofting. I met Julien Masloum (President of OutSofting) last … Read More

Personal Learning Plan 2011

Continuing education is not only a great lifestyle choice, but it can be cornerstone for building your career. In this article, we show you how to create and execute a successful personal learning plan.

Spotlight PM for December: Lynette Grabow

Once a month Braintrust Consulting Group features one of our clients on the blog. We call them spotlight features because they are designed to shine a light on the client’s success as well as the many great benefits of PMP exam training courses.