Agile Success Rates Versus Waterfall

Many folks are hesitant to adopt Agile. The old Waterfall (traditional project management) methodology may just feel comfortable to them. The idea of not having all of the documentation that accompanies Waterfall might scare some project managers. Or companies could simply not understand Agile. If you’re in this boat, then maybe some statistics will help … Read More

The Agile Manifesto – Reviewing Agile’s Core Values

The photo above is the Agile Manifesto. These are the hallmark principles that guide the Agile process. While this began as a new software development process, these principles apply to anyone using Agile as a better way to get things done. Those of us entrenched in Agile may feel as though this manifesto has been … Read More

Braintrust Consulting Group Brings Alternative Approach to Traditional Project Management

Twenty-one IT professionals gathered for a unique and innovative new training course in order to experience firsthand the benefits that Agile Project Management has to offer. Birmingham, Alabama (PRWEB) March 17, 2010 – The Braintrust Consulting Group is leading the charge and bringing an alternative approach to Traditional Project Management to Birmingham through their new … Read More

Pareto Knows Agile

One of the number one questions we get at The Braintrust Consulting Group is “Why does Agile work?” This is a great question with a plethora of reasons. In this article we are going to focus on the Pareto principle and save some of the other factors for later publications. For those of you that … Read More

Project Management Declaration of Interdependence

I recently stumbled upon the “Project Management Declaration of Interdependence” (PMDOI) while reading Jochen Krebs book “Agile Portfolio Management”. I found a lot of value in the PMDOI and I would like to re-print it here for your benefit. “Agile and adaptive approaches for linking people, projects and value We are a community of project … Read More

The Flavor of Agile Project Management

We are all aware of the Project Management Institute’s five process groups; initiating planning, executing, monitoring and controlling, and closing. Did you know that Agile Project Management has five process groups as well? According to Jim Highsmith it goes; envision, speculate, explore, adapt, and close. The first thing that you will notice about Highsmith’s list … Read More

Agile Secrets Revealed – A Whitepaper

2009 was a challenging year; in response many companies have implemented Agile in order to achieve more efficient project delivery. To ensure that existing and new Agile teams are successful in 2010, The Braintrust Consulting Group believes it is important for us to reflect on the key reasons why Agile works. To learn 9 Reasons … Read More