From Adoption to Maximization

For the last 16 years, tens of thousands of people have trusted Braintrust to educate them on Agile values and principals, to certify them in processes like Scrum. They have let us into their offices, at hundreds of corporations, to show them how to operate smoother, communicate better, and most importantly have more joy at work. Now with the changing landscape of Agile, we’ve partnered with ClearlyAgile to combine Braintrust’s training and coaching expertise with their Agile transformation services.

Agile Coaching

Agile Coaching

Embedded coaches work side-by-side with you to shift mindsets, develop processes, and build culture

Agile In A Box

Agile In A Box

Scaled-to-Fit, Certified Agilists supplement your resources and break through backlogs—ready to get to work on Day One

Entrusted Agile Expertise

Entrusted Agile Expertise

Borrow a specific skill or knowledge set (Architect, Scrum Master, Product Owner, Business Analyst, Full-Stack Developers, manual & automated QA, and DevOps engineer)

Agile Tool Set

Agile Tool Set

From Agile assessments to product enablement templates- custom built tools to help your team

Agile Coaching

Adopting Agile can be a significant organizational change, requiring a shift in mindset, processes, and culture.

Our Agile Coaches possess extensive knowledge and experience in Agile principles, frameworks, and practices. They understand the nuances of Agile and can guide your organization through the adoption process, helping to navigate potential challenges and pitfalls.

Our Coaches:

  • Provide a structured approach to facilitate the transition to Agile
  • Help teams and leaders understand and embrace Agile principles
  • Empower teams to take ownership and learn to self-manage
  • Facilitate retrospectives and offer feedback and guidance on areas of improvement
  • Tailor your implementation to the unique needs, culture, and context of your organization

Agile in A Box

Scaled-to-Fit, Certified Agilist supplement your resources and break through backlogs — ready to get to work on day one. Agile In A Box consist of full-time, certified ClearlyAgile employees who have worked together before and can hit the ground running.

Immediate capacity added to your organization

Zero time wasted on hiring, onboarding, and training

Complete transparency and constant communication

Real-time, test-driven development

Short feedback loops

Expert team working within your organization modeling “the right way to be Agile”

Skilled Positions: Architect, Scrum Master, Product Owner, Business Analyst,
Full-Stack Developers, manual & automated QA, and DevOps engineer(s).

Entrusted Agile Expertise

Maybe you don’t need a full Agile in a Box. Consider our deep skill supplementation a la carte—your organization can benefit from just one Product Owner, or we can send an entire team to work alongside your current team!

From Scrum Masters to Certified Scrum Developers, our high skill experts join your team and simultaneously get projects and tasks completed while also transferring knowledge to your team.

Our experts will not only come and work alongside you to build your product and help clear your backlog, they’ll also help identify ways to improve your processes, communicate better with Stakeholders, and build a stronger product. Our loaned Agile experts focus on producing the best results, fast, while also transferring knowledge to your team for long-term success.

Case Studies

Braintrust Group has trained over 25,000 professionals across more than 2,500 organizations. We consider ourselves agest of change and always focus on delivering real-world ROI.

H&R Block

H&R Block

A full year of customized, embedded Agile coaching ensured training benefits were implemented correctly and properly tailored to organizational needs.

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Ready to Maximize Your Success?

When you engage with us, our experts become natural extensions of your Team. We work with every level of the company from executive Leadership down to create a true cultural shift that unlocks the full potential of Agile across your entire Organization.