Scrum For The Rest Of US offers practical advice, questions and answers, and tips for avoiding common mistakes with Scrum. After having trained and coached thousands of people at hundreds of organizations, Author Brian Rabon has seen what works across many different industries and is now presenting those findings to you. Other books point out challenges with implementing Scrum, but they stop there. This book goes one step further and gives practical solutions to your most challenging issues.


  • When and why to use Scrum
  • In-depth coverage of the roles, meetings, and artifacts in Scrum
  • Clear answers to frequently asked questions
  • Common pitfalls and how to avoid them
  • Practical case studies and examples
  • Tips and tricks for maximizing success
  • Full glossary of terms and definitions

Scrum For The Rest Of US is truly written for everyone. Regardless of what field you are in, this book specifically points out areas that may challenge you and your organization with adopting Scrum. This practical guide contains no references to software development. It’s THE book for anyone interested in Scrum outside of the software development industry.

Perhaps you are new to Agile/Scrum, have heard a few buzzwords, but the core concepts are not familiar yet. Perhaps you are an Agile/Scrum veteran who wants to avoid roadblocks or improve implementation. Regardless of where you are on your path to mastery, this book is intended to help you maximize the benefits of Scrum.

Since founding Braintrust years ago, I have been working with thousands of individuals at hundreds of organizations to successfully implement Agile/Scrum. I have had the privilege of seeing Scrum done really well, but have also had the misfortune of seeing it done poorly too many times.

During every class or coaching engagement I come across deep questions and people who have complex issues needing resolution. I have captured some of these questions and provided solid guidance from actual client solutions in the Questions and Answers and Smells sections.

 Rather than devoting your life to teaching/coaching Scrum, like I have for the past years, learn from my experiences with countless clients and their solutions.

Scrum For The Rest Of US is available in both soft back, printed edition or as a downloadable e-book in our online store. 


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Scrum For The Rest Of US is available in both soft back, printed edition or as a downloadable e-book from Amazon. 

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