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At The Braintrust Consulting Group, our core mission is to help our clients grow. In addition to offering world-class training and customized coaching, we also strive to provide useful training tools, tips, and continued education. Utilizing our expert coaches and trainers, we are constantly generating new webinars, diagrams, and other tools to help you in every step of your Agile journey.

Upcoming Webinars:

Business Agility—Let’s Go!

September 24th 1-2pm CDT

Now more than ever, companies and organizations are needing to be Agile to adapt to the rapid changes around us. While the mindset and actions should be engrained in any strong organization, the term “Business Agility” is still somewhat new. That’s where this session comes in!

This session will explore the Principles of Business Agility. We will also explore the benefits of Business Agility, and how you can use them to help your organization inspect and adapt rapidly in these uncertain times.

Register for the webinar here!

Upcoming Agile Events:

Additional Scrum Tools:


Team Members conduct a Sprint Retrospective meeting where they Inspect their process and Adapt it for improved performance during the next Sprint. Watch the full video!


At the conclusion of the Sprint’s Timebox, the Team Members accompany the Product Owner and ScrumMaster to the Sprint Review meeting. Watch the full video!


This meeting is an opportunity for the Team to come together briefly to discuss their progress, ask for help, and synchronize their efforts. Watch the full video!


The Sprint starts with a Sprint Planning meeting, where the Product Owner presents the highest Priority Product Backlog Items to the Team. Watch the full video!


Watch this video to learn Scrum framework before class! Recommended for Certified ScrumMaster® (CSM®) or Certified Scrum Product Owner® (CSPO®) classes.


Have you ever wondered what makes Braintrust different? This video will show you what to expect when you attend our Certified Agile training classes. Watch an Overview!


Archive of Past Webinars:

What the Heck is Business Agility?

Hosted by Kate Megaw and Ben Floyd.
While the mindset and actions should be engrained in any strong organization, the term “Business Agility” is still somewhat new. Therefore, we know it can be confusing to those in your organization who aren’t familiar with the term agile. 

We’ll examine the definition of Business Agility and go over the 10 principles of Business Agility you can bring back to your organization to help them go, “Oh, I get it!”

Inspecting & Adapting to Online Virtual Training: The First 90 days

Hosted by Ben Floyd.

Are you hosting a lot of meetings online? Are you having meetings over 1 hour? 2 hours? All day online? Calling all Scrum Masters, Product Owners and Agile Leaders, come join us and learn 15 useful, practical tips for hosting an online meeting. Come hear the lessons we have learned at Braintrust and take away these 15 pragmatic tips to get the most out of your online virtual meetings!

Let’s Continue the Conversation – Women of Color in Agile

‘Women don’t need to find a voice, they have a voice, and they need to feel empowered to use it, and people need to be encouraged to listen. ‘ – Meghan Markle

Join Anu, Kate, Shika and Camelia as they share their stories of their Agile journey.

Come share your stories and let’s continue to make our voices matter.

Agile Leadership – Does Gender Matter?

In this webinar, hosted by Braintrust Certified Agile Leadership Educator Kate Megaw, CST, and Anu Smalley, CST, this session is not about Gender Bashing. It is about Gender parity, more particularly the data around gender parity in leadership.

It will explore the facts around parity and what we can all do to help make it less of an issue.

Shifting the Mindset—An Agile Leadership Approach to Growth Webinar

In this webinar, hosted by Braintrust Certified Agile Leadership Educator Kate Megaw, CST, and Anu Smalley, CST, we will explore the mindset shift required for Agile Leaders.

We will explore the concept of a Leader as a Coach, and will differentiate between Mentoring and Coaching.

Engaging with Your Agile Community Webinar

More now than ever, it’s key that we continue to find new ways to connect with each other and continue our Agile learning.

Join this Lean Coffee-style discussion which will have a participant-driven agenda. Hope to see you there to chat through how to engage and stay engaged in the Agile community.

Agile for the Rest of Us Webinar

So much we read and hear focuses on Agile for Software Development Teams. Well what about the rest of us?

In partnership with Elaine Morley, Certified Scrum Master (CSM) and L&D Professional, this workshop will introduce you to basic Agile standards and principles and talk about examples where Agile has been used outside of software.

Virtual Onboarding: Hits, Misses and Key Insights

In the last few months we have embraced a new way of working. Have onboarding programs innovated to follow suit? How is virtual onboarding done at your company or on your team?

Join this panel discussion to learn and share about what has been a hit, what hasn’t gone so well and a few key insights.

Virtual Agile Team Kickoff or Reset

In this session hosted by Anu Smalley, CST, you will learn 6 things you need to do to kick off a new Agile team or reset an existing Scrum Team virtually.

Spend time with your fellow attendees creating a team launch plan that you can use with your teams.

How to Create A Great Virtual Meeting Experience

Have you been wondering what more you can do to create an engaging and fun virtual learning experience? Braintrust Team Members Bill and Tanya will lead you through this hands-on webinar and show you different ways to keep your team engaged and entertained. 

Agile Beyond IT

What is Agile, and how can different departments and companies benefit from it?

Whether you are in education, marketing, HR, etc., join us to explore how an Agile approach can give you a market advantage!

From Chaos to Calm—Taming Your To Do List

Are you struggling to get from chaos to calm? Join Braintrust President Kate Megaw as she explores some of the personal organization tools you can use to help you move from reactive mode to proactive mode. Come armed with Post-Its and a pen!


Agile and WFH Teams Panel Discussion

Hosted by Ben Floyd.

In light of current events, COVID-19 is forcing many teams to move to embrace distributed and #suddenyremote work.

In this panel session, we’ll learn how a few companies are adapting to the new environment and consider a few challenges they are facing along the way.

How to Be Agile at Home

Hosted by Kate Megaw, CST

When everything feels crazy, it’s good to use Agile methods to bring structure to your life.

Join us for a discussion with the Braintrust Team on how they’re adopting Agile at home with their families.

Virtual Class Roundtable with Braintrust Trainers

Have you been wondering if a Braintrust Virtual Class is right for you?

Join us for a discussion with Braintrust Trainers as they give you an inside peek on how Braintrust Virtual Classes run, share their highlights and struggles, and answer questions from the audience!

Tips on How to Work Remotely

Presented by Ben Floyd, CSP

Join us for a discussion with Braintrust Trainer Ben Floyd for tips on how to work remotely. We will go over everything from how to create your own Kanban Board to how to keep your kids or partner out of your hair during conference calls! You’ll earn 1 free SEU/PDU for listening in!

How Scrum Teams Work Remotely

Presented by Ben Floyd, CSP

With the sudden disruption in our daily lives, how can a Scrum Team work together remotely?

Join us for a discussion about the characteristics of a Scrum Team that will succeed in these challenging times.

Sharing the Agile Mindset

Presented by Bill Schaller, CSP

Has your Agile program plateaued? Maybe you need to share the Agile love!

This webinar discusses the importance of developing and sharing an Agile mindset that will lift your teams, leadership, and organizations to become more Agile. 

Steps to Fantastic Facilitation!

Presented by Kate Megaw, CST, PMP

Do you think you’re already a strong facilitator? Are you familiar with the five facilitative listening techniques?

This webinar explores facilitation for CSMs, CSPOs, and everyone within an organization!

Retrospectives That Don’t Suck!

Presented by Kate Megaw, CST, PMP

Is your team wanting to skip retrospectives because they don’t see the purpose? Does your retrospective turn into a major bitching session? This webinar explores different retrospective suggestions for individuals, teams, and organizations! 

Webinar: Introduction to Business Agility

Presented by Rikki Schwartz | President of The Center for Agile Leadership

“Business Agility”—we’re hearing that expression more these days. This webinar takes a look at the following questions: What is Business Agility? Who is it for? What are the values? 

Bringing a Product to Market—A Case Study for Braintrust On Demand

Presented by Kate Megaw, CST, PMP

We will run through the case study for Braintrust On Demand from the initial vision, customer feedback, creating a Lean Canvas, user stories, identifying the Minimum Viable Product (MVP), customer interviews and customer journeys. 

Webinar: Creating Psychological Safety in Technical Teams

Presented by Erick Fleming, CSM, CSD, MCSD, JCD | Certified Scrum Development Leader 

Learn the concepts and importance of psychological safety, plus tips on creating it in technical teams. Join us at Braintrust with Coach and Trainer, Erick Fleming.

Webinar: Tips and Tricks For Scrum Tools

Presented by Kate Megaw, CST, PMP, CAL | President

Are you struggling to size your backlog, having trouble getting through your to-do list each day, or struggling with writing good user stories? Here are some helpful tips for utilizing Scrum tools. 

Webinar: Introverts in an Agile Environment

Presented by Rikki Schwartz | The Center For Agile Leadership® President

Join to learn how to differentiate introverts from extroverts (it’s harder than it seems!), how introverts work and think, and how to harness the power that they quietly possess.

Webinar: How to Measure the Health of Your Scrum Team

Presented by Ben Floyd, CSP

Listen to this discussion on how to measure the health of your Scrum Team using 10 separate measurements that give teams a way to track performance, improvements, and regressions over time.

Webinar: Intro to Dev Ops – What It Is and What it Isn’t

Presented by Erick Fleming, CSM, CSD, MCSD, JCD | Certified Scrum Development Leader

This webinar provides a brief overview of DevOps and how it is helping organizations deliver value to customers in a safe, reliable, and quick fashion. 

Webinar: Transparency isn’t just for Teams

Presented by Brian Rabon, CST, PMP | 

This webinar explores dream statements for your organization and looks at tools such as corporate scorecards, holding team members accountable to one number, and 90-day targets.

Webinar: Effective Participation with Stakeholders

Presented by Kate Megaw, CST, PMP | Braintrust President

This webinar will explore ways to identify your stakeholders, facilitate stakeholder discussions, and involve stakeholders so they support an effective iterative delivery. 

Webinar: A State of Being—What Does Agile Really Mean?

Presented by Tom Mellor, CST

We’ll take a critical look at what Agility should mean, and the types of supporting patterns and anti-patterns that we should look for in an organization that claims to be Agile. 

Webinar: Scrum vs. Kanban – How Does an Agile Team Choose?

Presented by Brett Palmer, CST, PMP 

Brett Palmer will use real-life examples from his own extensive Agile experience to discuss the differences between Scrum and Kanban to help you and your Agile team decide which is better suited for you.

Webinar: The 4 Ps of Product Management

Presented by Anu Smalley, CST

Agile Product Management has provided techniques, patterns, and mindsets that have proven useful in organizations. This webinar will go over the 4 Ps of Product Management.

Webinar: Certification Maintenance, Renewals, and SEUs

Presented by Braintrust President Kate Megaw and Global Certification Manager TJay Gerber

Review the new certification renewal, requirements, and fees that went into effect on February 4, 2019. 

Webinar: Raving Retrospectives

Presented by Kate Megaw, CST, PMP | Braintrust President

There is something in this session for everyone; from beginners with no retrospective experience, to experienced coaches wanting to expand their “toolbox!”

Webinar: Fantastic Feedback – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly!

Presented by Kate Megaw, CST, PMP | Braintrust President

This webinar explores giving and receiving personal feedback and feedback for teams. We will look at appreciation, coaching, and evaluation as feedback techniques for individuals.

Webinar: Test-Driven Development (TDD) for the Non-technical

Presented by Erick Fleming, CSM, CSD, MCSD, JCD | Certified Scrum Development Leader

In this webinar, you will gain an understanding of TDD, including the pros/cons and strategies for adopting the practice. 

Express Webinar: Scrum@Scale Essentials

Presented by Steven Martin

Scrum@Scale focuses on the organization as a whole. In this webinar, you will learn the various components of the Scrum@Scale framework, such as scaled roles, scaled events, and enterprise artifacts. 

Webinar: Take Control of Your Technical Debt

Presented by Erick Fleming, CSM, CSD, MCSD, JCD | Certified Scrum Development Leader

This webinar provides an introduction to the concept of “technical debt,” how it can help and hinder product development, and a discussion surrounding strategies for maintaining a reasonable level of debt.

Webinar: The Authentic Self and Leadership Style

Presented by Anu Smalley, CST | Certified Scrum Trainer & Agile Coach

In this in-depth webinar, you will learn more about the “authentic leadership” approach to management and hear our recommended steps towards improving your leadership style to be a more Agile leader.

Concrete Actions I Can Take To Influence My Organizational Culture

Presented by Brian Rabon, CST, PMP | Braintrust CEO

This webinar explores the ways that authentic, value-driven, cultures make the difference between doing Agile and BEING Agile. Learn specifically what you can do to influence the culture of your organization.

Enhancing Team Collaboration and Performance

Presented by Bill Schaller, CSP, CSM, CSPO, CAL

In this webinar, we look at Royal Rumble, Crisis Junkie and Bobble Head teams to understand the nature of teams gone awry.

How Do I Show Real Progress on an Agile Project

Presented by Fred Mastropasqua, CST, CS@ST, CSP, PMI-ACP

Join us in this webinar as we break down real world examples of showing a project’s status and giving updates on an Agile project.

How to Facilitate a Meeting Even You Want to Attend

Presented by Kate Megaw, CST, PMP | Braintrust President

Listen as Braintrust President, Kate Megaw reviews her favorite techniques for running more efficient, more effective meetings.