Virtual Business Agility + Culture Live Online Workshop, May 26, 2020 (10-4pm CDT)


In partnership with Kate Megaw, Braintrust President and CST, Braintrust is proud to offer this live online, workshop—Virtual Business Agility + Culture

May 26, 2020
10:00am – 4:00pm CDT

Virtual Business Agility + CultureLive Online Workshop

This one-day kickstarter class is perfect for anyone that wants to understand the role that organizational culture plays in overall Business Agility. You’ll leave this workshop with a better understanding of why culture matters and with a clear vision for how to influence your own culture of Business Agility. We’ll change the way you think about everything from your physical office space to the way you hire team members.

You’ll leave with tangible, practical next steps that you can take to positively influence your organization’s culture.


Who This Workshop Is For:

Anyone who is interested in learning how culture plays a key role in overall Business Agility. 

Learning Objectives:

As a leader who desires to improve Business Agility through culture, I want to…

  1. Define the key tenets of Agile Leadership and how they relate to Business Agility.
  2. Define what culture is so that I can have a shared understanding with my organization.
  3. Assess my organization’s culture so that I can have a baseline with which to measure progress against.
  4. Understand why having and sharing an actionable vision, and associated core values, are fundamental to building a sustainable culture.
  5. Survey the key influencers of culture so that I can determine the best areas in which to focus my efforts.
  6. List the steps of a proven cultural Change Management Model so that I can effectively lead.
  7. Better learn how to influence others so that I can affect broader cultural change within my organization.
  8. Have a dedicated Q&A session with a Business Agility expert regarding the challenges I face at my particular organization, and how I can overcome them.


Your team members will demonstrate… 

  • Higher Business Agility
  • Greater engagement
  • Improved morale
  • Elevated confidence (in the organization and in themselves)
  • Enhanced innovation
  • Increased personal accountability
  • Higher job satisfaction (which boosts retention)