Understanding the Basics of Agile, Live Online Workshop, July 21, 2020 (12-3pm CDT)


In partnership with Elaine Morley, CSM and L&D Professional, Braintrust is proud to offer this 3-hour, live online, workshop—Understanding the Basics of Agile

July 21, 2020
12:00pm – 4:00pm CDT

Understanding the Basics of AgileLive Online Workshop

Agile is not just for Software Development Teams. 

Agile can be adopted by many industries.  Also, groups that work with Agile teams (e.g. technical writers, L&D, Cyber Security) will also benefit from understanding Agile basics in order to learn how to work better with the Agile teams in their organization.

This workshop will help you understand what Agile really is, the benefits of Agile, and the basics of popular Agile frameworks.

We will look at real-world examples of groups adopting Agile outside of software development.


Who This Workshop Is For:

This is a workshop for anyone who wants to understand the basics of Agile and how it looks different from a traditional waterfall method of managing projects.

Learning Objectives:
As a workshop attendee, I want to…

  • Understand how Agile is different from Waterfall project management.
  • See the benefits of adopting Agile.
  • Learn how requirements are defined in an Agile project.
  • Explore how non-software development groups have adopted Agile.
  • Understand basic Agile terminology used by Agile teams.


Attendees will be able to evaluate if they should adopt Agile and will be able to better converse with Agile teams within their organization or industry.