The Agile Teen, Live Online Workshop, July 16, 2020 (12-4 CDT)



In a world where teenagers are busier than ever and there is so much competition to achieve their dreams, it is extremely important that teens have a vision for their future and put a plan in place in order to achieve their objectives.

The Agile Teen uses the concepts of Agility to empower teens to be their best selves by taking control of their own destiny and holding themselves accountable while giving them the tools necessary to break down their goals into manageable bites, put a plan in place, inspect and adapt, and achieve their dreams.

In partnership with Luciana O’Keefe, CSP-SM, CSPO, CAL I, Founder and CEO of Dart Frog Consulting, Braintrust is proud to offer this 4-hour, live online, workshop.

Who This Workshop is For:

This workshop is for teenagers and young adults looking to become more organized and to achieve their dreams in a manageable way while focusing on continuous improvement.

Learning Objectives:

After attending the workshop, you should be able to…

  • Understand why Agility is important when working towards a goal
  • Comprehend how Transparency, Inspection, and Adaptation help one achieve their objectives
  • Use Agility to be successful and keep yourself accountable while doing online learning
  • Create a vision for their future
  • Create a plan to achieve that vision
  • Work the plan in a sustainable pace
  • Identify activities that help achieve that vision
  • Recognize and celebrate your victories on a weekly basis


By learning how to conduct their lives in an Agile way, attendees will become more organized, have better time management, and will be on the right path to achieving their goals.


Attendees will understand the following concepts:

  • Transparency is key
  • Inspection is the only way to improve
  • Adaptation ensures Continuous Improvement
  • Different levels of planning and reflection