Fact Or Crap Scrum Flash Card Game



Fact Or Crap is the most fun way to learn the roles in Scrum! Developed by the Certified Scrum Trainers® at The Braintrust Consulting Group, this challenging game will help prepare you for the Certified ScrumMaster® (CSM) exam in as little as five minutes per day. Practice with your whole team and try to stump each other. It’s a great way to challenge your team’s misconceptions about the roles in Scrum!

The question on each card was specifically developed by Braintrust’s Certified Scrum Trainers® in order to test your knowledge and prepare you for the CSM® exam.

Each deck comes with 18 flash cards divided into 3 categories Team Members, Product Owner, and ScrumMaster. Also included is as an instruction card for how to play Fact Or Crap.