Braintrust Student Pack



While virtual classes are great, we also wanted our students to have a way to get all of the physical tools and toys that we utilize in our in-person classes. Add this Student Pack when you register for one of our virtual classes and we will ship you a complete kit of everything you need to maximize your Scrum training. It pairs perfectly with any virtual class!

Each Student Pack includes the following:

  • Braintrust’s Laminated Scrum Process Diagram ($4.95 value)
  • Hard Copy of Braintrust’s Book, Scrum For The Rest of Us ($29.95 value)
  • Braintrust Stress Pig (Squeeze Pig) ($5.95 value)
  • Pack of 50 Braintrust User Story Cards ($4.95 value)
  • One Complete Deck of Braintrust’s Agile Sizing Cards ($5.95 value)
  • Braintrust’s Fact Or Crap Flash Card Game ($14.95 value)
  • Braintrust Gnome Pig Laptop Sticker ($1.95 value)
  • Pen, Highlighter, and Sharpie Pack for Class ($4.95 value)*
  • Pad of 3×3 Post-Its for Class ($1.95 value)

While we realize that virtual classes can never replace the experience of being in the classroom, this student pack helps to make you feel like you are really in the class and gives you everything you need to succeed!

Purchased separately, the items in the student pack are worth over $75!

*pens, highlighters and markers are shown only as example, actual product may vary depending on inventory