Braintrust Custom Plush Pig



If you’ve ever been to one of our classes, you know our pigs and chickens are a huge part of the Braintrust brand. But do you know the story of these fun-loving mascots? 

In an old joke, a pig and a chicken are planning to open a restaurant together. What to call it is the million dollar question. The chicken likes “Ham and Eggs,” but the pig is concerned that he would be fully committed and the chicken would only be involved. It’s a great megaphone for Agile and Scrum, where it’s critical that everyone on the team be fully committed at the same level. 

Now with the Braintrust Custom Plush Pig, you can have your very own ScrumMaster buddy as a reminder to always stay committed to the team. Plus, he’s a great conversation starter in any team meeting.

Standing at 8 inches tall, the Braintrust Custom Plush Pig is the perfect accessory for your desk or work space.