Agile Sizing Cards- 3rd Edition



Collector Series, 3rd Edition: Each deck includes four collectible role cards that represent ScrumMaster, Scrum Product Owner, Team Member, and Stakeholder. Collect them all! Editions one and two are already sold out!

Braintrust’s Agile Sizing Cards are a fun and creative way to effectively create team estimates.  Facilitated by the ScrumMaster, the Team asks clarifying questions about Product Backlog Items of the Product Owner and sizes each Product Backlog Item by playing the game. 

Each deck comes with 56 cards including five sets of Agile Sizing cards to accommodate five Team Members and full instructions on how to play the game. All cards are casino quality, plastic coated, linen and come in a custom Braintrust Consulting Group box.

Over 10,000 decks in circulation!