Did you know The Braintrust Consulting Group offers private class options for your whole team?


If you have four or more team members who need training, our private class options are a cost-effective way to skip the headaches that come with out-of-town travel, scheduling issues, and planning. Let us bring our energetic and engaging training approach to you.

The Braintrust Consulting Group can train and certify your whole team on-site, through approved Scrum Alliance classes such as Certified ScrumMaster (CSM), Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO), and Certified Scrum Developer (CSD). We also teach a variety of custom Agile, Scrum, and Kanban classes.

Your business isn’t one-size-fits-all, and neither is our training. Whether your team is new to Agile/Scrum or preparing for ScrumMaster certification, we can tailor a training plan to meet your specific needs. All of our non-certified classes are available to be customized for private, on-site training. Let us create an in-depth, hands-on training plan to help your team take it to the next level.

Benefits of Private Classes:

  • Training centered around your team’s current experience level
  • Class customized to address your specific roadblocks
  • Training scheduled whenever it works best for your team
  • No risk of proprietary information being shared
  • Greater capacity for team growth when everyone trains together
  • No travel or hotel nights required (cost savings)
  • Ultimate conveineince


Not sure where to start with our private, on-site training? Check out our complete roadmap for your Agile journey. From the basic Scrum Essentials to advanced, Certified Agile Leader, The Braintrust Group is with you every step of the way.

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"I believe this class taught me valuable skill as a ScrumMaster. I better understand the Scrum process and roles."

Aubrey Cote, American Mining Insurance Co.

"One of the best courses I've had in the past decade. Brian is a great instructor-kept us interested & engaged. Enjoyed learning about Scrum & I want to learn more."

Scott Caillier, Emory University

"It met my expectations and taught the elements of Scrum, focusing on the Scrum Master role, but in unexpected and innovative ways."

Steve, GE Energy

"Learned that my view of "agile" was pretty much wrong and that it is a very well thought out process. I learned that using Scrum, I can greatly increase productivity while providing necessary documentation."

Peter, Scientific Research Corporation

"This course brought the concepts of Agile/Scrum methodology in an involved way. The presentations were limited to a few slides and the practices discussed were then proven in a way to help us understand them through doing, not simply reading. I enjoyed this class thoroughly and would recommend it to my peers."

Mike, Scientific Research Corporation

"Instructor was very talented in his presentation methods. Not boring! Class activities challenge participants and drive home learning objectives."

Jesse, Scientific Research Corporation

"The course taught the past two days has been fun and exciting. It sets the framework for our Scrum foundations. While we probably will encounter issues, I believe we are armed with the right knowledge. Thanks."

Glenn, GFI Software

Agile Coaching

Have you ever wished you could have one of Braintrust’s Certified Coaches come to your office and work directly with your team on your specific issues?


Now, through our custom coaching engagements, you can.  Our team of experts can mentor your teams, assist leaders with Agile implementation planning, support Product and IT management with role adoptions, and guide teams through new processes, meetings, and roles.

The path to Agile adoption is littered with organizations that attempted implementation on their own, only to end up either missing out on the full benefits because they only partially implemented it or abandoned the process altogether when they hit roadblocks or became frustrated. Even the organizations that do successfully implement on their own tend to incorporate bad habits or modified processes that reduce the overall impact of Agile.

No matter what stage of adoption you might be in, customized coaching with Braintrust is the best way to ensure optimal implementation so that you receive maximum benefit while kicking Agile into overdrive. Coaching provides an opportunity for your team to benefit from the collective wisdom of our industry-leading experts while navigating real-world challenges in their everyday working environment. With us by your side, your team will feel confident that they are implementing Agile in the best way for your specific situation.


Benefits of Coaching:

  • Complete access to our coaches for every stage of the Agile process
  • Focus on knowledge transfer, setting your team up for future success
  • Increase customer satisfaction and time-to-market delivery
  • Align development efforts around highest business value features first
  • Gain organizational trust and improve your team’s reputation
  • Experience higher team morale and productivity
  • Improve communications

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“Without Braintrust’s leadership throughout this process we would not have been able to start on the path to Agile as quickly and successfully as we have.”

– Shane Jordan, Internet Marketer, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama

“We never had team members ask why the coaches were there; the teams always asked when they were coming back again.

– Jennifer S Bush, Senior Director, XSP, Capital Markets, SunGard

Happy Training Clients Include: