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*Contact Braintrust for pricing* Learn how to build, manage and maximize a Team of high performers. Leaders will learn what it really means for Teams to be self-managing and self-organizing and how to help them get there.

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Offered as either virtual or in-person, this Braintrust University class is designed for private, group training.

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Leading High-Performance Teams is an 8-hour class for anyone who is in a Leadership position. The class focuses on recognizing what makes a high-performing Team and creating an environment in which one can flourish. Leaders will learn what it really means for Teams to be self-managing and self-organizing and how to help them get there. This is a very hands-on class and features many exercises that solidify key concepts.

A. Prerequisites


B. Who Should Attend

Anyone who leads a Team

C. Learning Objectives

Class Learning Objectives

As a Leader, I want to…

  1. Understand the difference between a Team and a group so that I know what my role with each may be
  2. Recognize what a dysfunctional Team looks like so that I can identify opportunities for adjustments
  3. Learn about the characteristics of high-performing Teams so that I have a model for how I want my Team to work
  4.  Identify ways to develop and support self-organizing and self-managing Teams so that so that I provide an environment that enables high performance
  5. Learn about and practice using tools that help build an environment fit for a high-performing Team so that I can set my Team up for success
  6. Learn some tools that help people work better together so that I can share them with my Team

D. Benefits

  • You will be able to evaluate the current state of your existing Team

  • You will have the necessary information to help your Teams rise to the level of self-managing and self-organizing

  • You will have tools to use for yourself and to share with your Team

E. Takeaways

  • 7 SEUs / 7 PDUs

  • Knowledge to help you recognize both high performing and dysfunctional Teams

  • Collaboration tools to share with your Team

  • Tools designed to create an environment for high performing teams

  • Resources for further exploration through the introduction to experts in leadership and teams

  • Knowledge to create an environment that fosters high-performing teams

F. The Braintrust Difference

We’re so sure that you’ll love our new virtual classes that we’re offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all virtual classes. If you aren’t completely satisfied with your virtual experience, we’ll let you attend one of our future, in-person classes for free. (*some exclusions apply)