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*Contact Braintrust for pricing* Learn to create dynamic project visions that inspire Teams and exceed customer expectations. This class focuses on the activities necessary to deliver a great product that are not included in a Scrum Sprint.

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Offered as either virtual or in-person, this Braintrust University class is designed for private, group training.

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Ideal for anyone who wants to deliver great products faster. Product Owner Advanced is an 8-hour class for Product Owners, Product Managers, and anyone who is involved in developing business and product strategies. The course focuses on the activities necessary to deliver a great product that are not included in a Scrum Sprint. This is a very hands-on course that takes you through the key concepts as a simulated exercise.

A. Prerequisites

One of the following classes or exposure to similar content through other means would be beneficial prior to the Product Owner Advanced class:

» Scrum Essentials

» Scrum Team Fundamentals

B. Who Should Attend

  • Product Managers/Owners
  • Business Analysts
  • Anyone who will be involved with business and/or Product Strategy

C. Learning Objectives

As a class participant, I want to:

  • Understand the Product Owner role in Scrum so that I know where it fits in on the Scrum Team
  • Learn about approaches to Product Strategy so that I can create the right path for the Product
  • Learn about Product Vision, value and impact so that I can create a synergy between them and understand their effects on my Customers
  • Understand the difference between output, outcome and impact so that I can balance the needs of Customers with expectations my company
  • Learn about Story Mapping so that I have a tool I can use to visualize the work and foster communication
  • Learn about the discipline of Product Roadmapping so that I can seamlessly transition my Product from strategic to tactical
  • Recap view of the Product Planning layers so that I understand how strategy ties to the tactical of Scrum
  • Practice assessing the impact of changes on my Product Strategy so that I understand the importance of keeping current and relevant

D. Benefits

  • You will learn how to take a product from idea to backlog
  • You will learn a methodical approach to product planning
  • You will learn how to use different tools and how they apply to Products
  • You will learn when your plan may need to change and practice analyzing the impacts

E. Takeaways

  • 7 SEUs / 7 PDUs
  • Deeper knowledge of the Product Owner role beyond Scrum
  • Understand the flow from strategic idea down through entries into a Product Backlog
  • Information on the Product Strategy Cycle and practice evaluating when changes to strategy might be needed
  • Hands-on practice using more than a half dozen industry leading tools and techniques