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*Contact Braintrust for pricing* In this high-energy, interactive, fun one-day class, you’ll be introduced to the essentials of Kanban.

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Offered as either virtual or in-person, this Braintrust University class is designed for private, group training.

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In this high-energy, interactive, and fun one-day class, you’ll be introduced to the essentials of Kanban. Kanban is a method for managing the creation of Products with an emphasis on continual delivery, while not overburdening the Development Team.

Like Scrum, Kanban promotes continuous collaboration and encourages active, ongoing learning and improvement by defining the best possible Team workflow. This class is full of practical, real world techniques, which can be implemented immediately at your workplace. Hands-on exercises demonstrate key concepts and let you experience the benefits of Kanban firsthand. You’ll learn to visualize what you do each day, how to limit the amount of work in progress, and how to enhance your workflow.

A. Prerequisites


B. Who Should Attend

  • Project Managers
  • Software Development Managers
  • Senior IT Leadership (Directors/VPs/CIOs/CTOs)
  • Kanban Team Members
  • Anyone interested in learning about the benefits of Kanban

C. Learning Objectives

  1. I want to know what Kanban is, so I can have a basis for discussing how to implement or work within a Kanban system
  2. I want to describe the fundamental concepts behind the Kanban method so that I can appreciate the various techniques used in Kanban systems
  3. I want to visualize my workflow so that I can provide context and increase transparency.
  4. I want to apply work-in-progress limits so that I can shorten feedback loops and expose inefficiencies.
  5. I want to apply policies explicitly so that I can develop trust and improve quality
  6. I want to manage the flow of my system so that I can improve its predictability and efficiency.
  7. I want to learn about Agile practices so that I can use them effectively within our Teams.
  8. I want to understand the basic metrics for the Kanban system so that I can identify opportunities for improvement.

D. Benefits

  • Increase quality though increased focus and clear communication of standards
  • Increase Team morale by granting permission to self-improve
  • Properly align your development efforts around delivering prioritized features first
  • Improve communications, through transparency and “pull” versus “push” systems
  • Increase the value delivered to your Organization through a “finisher” mentality
  • Develop a method that is custom fit for the unique contexts of your Organization
  • Start Kanban the day after the class, seeing faster returns on investment than other development approaches
  • Improve relationships between IT, the business, and your customers through shared understanding

E. Takeaways

  • Thorough understanding of Kanban and its benefits
  • A new outlook on the way you manage your work
  • A framework for understanding whether Kanban is right for your Organization
  • The knowledge necessary for incorporating Kanban practices into your working environment