*Contact Braintrust for pricing* This workshop provides a hands-on interactive learning experience that covers all aspects of a successful Agile team.


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*Contact Braintrust for pricing*

This workshop provides a hands-on interactive learning experience that covers all aspects of a successful Agile team. This one-day virtual training class begins with understanding why Agile works and explains what Agile really is.  As the class progresses, hands-on exercises help participants develop an understanding of the roles on an Agile team, artifacts used to track workflow and Agile practices used by the team. This is a day of fun, immersive and interactive learning that is relevant to both the work and home environments!

A. Prerequisites


B. Who Should Attend

This Workshop is for anyone who is unfamiliar with Agile.

D. Benefits

  • You will learn about Agile and why it’s beneficial to your organization.
  • You will learn the principles of Agile and how to implement them in your organization.
  • You will learn about the Agile roles and how to recognize them.
  • You will learn how to experience higher team morale and productivity with a fundamental shift in management style.
  • You will improve your communications.
  • You will learn to achieve greater flexibility and add value to your organization.

C. Learning Objectives

As an Agile Essentials class participant, I want to…

  1. Understand the benefits of Agile so I can see how it fits into my work and home life. 
  2. Understand the principles of Agile so I can adopt them in my everyday life.
  3. Understand Agile roles so I can see who does what in my organization.
  4. Explore Agile artifacts so I can provide transparency to my organization.
  5. Compare Agile practices like Scrum and Kanban so I can see which fits best in my organization.

E. Takeaways

  • 3 SEUs/3 PDUs
  • Thorough understanding of Agile 
  • A new outlook on the way you see your organization
  • A framework for understanding whether Agile is right for your organization

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