One step in a team's Agile journey will likely include a Value Stream Mapping exercise. Join this one-hour session to learn more about how to visualize end-to-end processes at a higher level and across teams and departments, and how teams can identify ways to maximize delivering value and minimize waste. This is an opportunity to participate in a short exercise to learn more about the benefits of a Value Stream Mapping exercise, as well as a Q&A session to learn more about how this may benefit your team.

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Value streams typically involve multiple teams across several disciplines, such as marketing, sales, development, finance, and operations. By visualizing the entire end-to-end process at a higher level, this class helps attendees immediately see the bottlenecks and delays, which may be difficult to see from the team level. Effective value stream management enables teams to optimize value delivery from end to end.


Join this one-hour webinar to learn more about value stream mapping, how to facilitate this exercise for your team(s), and answer any questions you may have. This will be an open conversation for individuals to learn more, so come prepared with questions!