Coaching Approach


When adopting Agile methods, a trusted advisor can save your team time and frustration. At The Braintrust Consulting Group, we know that the best way to support clients during a Scrum implementation is with coaching. Our experienced coaches will work with you to assess your specific needs and create a customized implementation plan. With a plan in place, we can then tailor our services to your team’s unique challenges.

Our Introductory coaching method is built for teams getting the first few Sprints planned and off to a running start. The Braintrust Consulting Group coaches, work with your team for a few days during the start of the Sprint and then return at the end of the Sprint to help your team through their first few Sprint Reviews and Retrospectives.

The Embedded approach also helps teams prepare to launch faster with even more hands-on guidance. Our coaches participate in Daily Scrum calls, guide the team and mentor the ScrumMaster (SM) and the Product Owner (PO) about working in an Agile environment. We’ll work with your project managers and team leads on communicating progress and mediating issues. Our coaches can also work with other groups within your business to ensure they’re ready for the launch, and external groups such as Human Resources as needed.

The benefits of our coaching approach include increased customer satisfaction and time-to-market delivery, higher team morale and productivity, improved communications and a team that’s prepared for frequent success. With our experienced, hands-on coaching, your business will get a jumpstart on launching a successful project.

But, you don’t have to take our word for it. Hear from the actual H&R Block employees who have received our coaching services.