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ScrumMaster Facilitation Training is a one day class focused on the skills and knowledge needed to be a highly effective ScrumMaster. The class addresses the various aspects of the role and the facilitation skills to be successful. Hands-on exercises demonstrate key concepts and real world examples of roadblocks & pitfalls are reviewed. This is the ideal class for anyone that understands the basics of the Scrum Framework and is being entrusted with the Servant Leader role of ScrumMaster.

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Class Learning Objectives

As a class participant, I want to…

  • understand ScrumMaster facilitation techniques so I can facilitate productive meetings
  • review the key meetings in Scrum, so that I understand the ScrumMasters role in each of these meetings
  • teach team members how to relatively size backlog items, so that the product owner can make better prioritization decisions.
  • demonstrate how to track team progress, so that I can accurately understand what has been accomplished and how much longer it will take to complete the product.
  • list and explain the additional meetings recommended for Scrum, so that I can improve the overall efficiency of the Scrum process.
  • list areas where we might get into trouble, so that I know what to look out for as my organization implements Scrum.
  • an open forum to discuss challenging questions about Scrum, so that I can utilize the collective intelligence of the class participants to brainstorm creative solutions to complex problems.


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Who Should Attend?

  • Project Managers and/or anyone in the ScrumMaster role
  • Software Development Managers
  • Senior IT Leadership (Directors/VPs/CIOs/CTOs)

Take Aways

  • Thorough understanding of the facilitation skills to be a successful ScrumMaster.
  • A grasp on the meetings, metrics, reporting and the ScrumMaster’s role with these.
  • How to avoid common struggles that impair efficient teams.
  • A new outlook on the way you manage teams.

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