Product Owner Workshop

This class is an in-depth, one day immersion into the world of being a Product Owner. It is ideal for anyone who is is new in the Product Owner role or interested in becoming a better Product Owner. Product Owner Workshop is full of practical, real world techniques that can be implemented immediately at your workplace. This course will allow your organization to enjoy the many advantages having an effective Product Owner. Hands-on exercises demonstrate key concepts and let you experience the benefits firsthand.

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Class Learning Objectives

As a class participant, I want to…

  • Understand how customer collaboration affects outcomes, so that I can develop enhanced strategies for working with my customers.
  • Select a product, so that I can have a real-world example to base the class exercises on.
  • Explain the five levels of planning in Scrum, so that I can improve the overall effectiveness of our product delivery.
  • Explore product vision statements, so that I can understand how to apply them to the story writing process.
  • Demonstrate how to model roles and personas, so that I can ensure my stories are targeting the most valuable use cases.
  • Define techniques for gathering the important features, so that I can iteratively discover the right functionality of the product.
  • Quickly assess business value, so that I can establish an initial priority for the backlog items in my product backlog.
  • Explore ways to refine a Product Backlog, so that I can identify the appropriate detail in my stories.
  • Define the concept of User Stories, so that I can ensure the team is collecting the appropriate information.
  • Explain key elements of a good User Story, so that I can create a better Product Backlog.
  • Learn techniques to split stories into smaller ones, so that I can create stories that are completed in a short period of time.
  • Understand acceptance criteria, so that my user stories have a clear definition of done.
  • List several ways to prioritize my Product Backlog, so that I can determine what is the best approach for the situation at hand.
  • Explore the concept of Story Mapping, so that I can use it to better understand and plan my Product Backlog.


  • Understanding of Vision Statements, User Roles, and Personas and how they can align the Scrum Team and Stakeholders
  • Practices to help attendees understand the benefits of a well-defined Product Backlog
  • Best practices for good User Stories
  • The knowledge necessary for incorporating User Stories into your working environment

Who Should Attend?

  • Business Analysts
  • Product Managers/Owners
  • Anyone who will be involved creating and refining the Product Backlog

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