Certified Agile Leadership II (CAL II) Certification Program


Certified Agile Leadership (CAL) Credential I, or the new CAL-E and CAL-T credentials, as well as 12 months of experience. If you have any questions about eligibility, please  reach out!


Requirements for this program include:

  • Access to a computer with a working webcam and the ability to run Zoom and Mural applications
  • Ability to attend a 4-hour virtual session once a month for 6 months
  • Ability to complete assigned homework
  • Willingness to interact and team-up with other program participants
  • Although anyone may join this program for the knowledge, to actually receive the CAL II credential you are required to have an active CAL I credential and spend 12 months since your CAL I class practicing what you learned.
  • You can take CAL II right after CAL I but we can’t submit you for the CAL II credential until 12 months after your CAL I, at which time you will get the CAL II credential.

Are you ready to take your Agile Leadership journey to the next level? Join a small team of cohorts on this six-month program that explores leadership in an Agile context and an Agile approach to change. This program is a mix of live, virtual participation each month, combined with individual work and cohort check-in. Throughout the program, you will be identifying areas of personal growth and working on these with a Braintrust coach and members of your cohort. Guided by experienced CAL educators, this is an immersive program that helps advance your Agile Leadership skills.

This Braintrust CAL II immersive leadership experience meets the learning objectives of the Scrum Alliance Certified Agile Leadership CAL II Program and focuses on:

  • Leadership in an Agile Context
  • The Agile Organization
  • Agile Approaches to Change

It incorporates 3 components:

  • Advanced Education
  • Validated Practice – 12 months of leadership experience (after CAL I certification)
  • Peer Workshop experience and outcome.

Graduates of this program will receive the Certified Agile Leadership (CAL II) Certification.

SEUs 16
PDUs 16
CDUs 16

Class Learning Objectives

Month 1

  • Kickoff & setting expectations
  • Leadership in an Agile Context
  • Explore my Agile Journey
  •  Self-Improvement
  • Introduction of 360 Evaluation
  • Crucibles


Month 2

  • Leadership in an Agile Context
  •  Crucibles
  • Power and Influence
  • 360 Evaluation


Month 3

  • The Agile Organization
  • Metrics, Performance Management – what’s working and not working
  • Culture—What can we do to shift culture, Values influence culture, Organization Culture Survey


Month 4

  • The Agile Organization
  • Culture Survey & Action Plan
  • Influencing Culture Deep Dive


Month 5

  • Agile Approaches to Change
  • What went well and not so well with influencing culture
  • Evaluate Change Models – Organizational & Personal


Month 6

  • Peer Review
  • Present an experience report from at least one area (Leadership in an Agile Context, The Agile Organization, Agile Approaches to Change), to the class of peers, highlighting how you have grown along the journey, what worked and what didn’t work.


  1. Accelerate your organization’s Agile adoption
  2. Build a culture that promotes purpose, mastery, and autonomy
  3. Improve team morale, motivation, and retention
  4. Impart continuous improvement and innovation
  5. Become more Agile yourself so that you can positively influence the culture of your organization
  6. Explore how to identify and successfully implement change in your Agile organization


You’ll leave with a complete understanding of why culture matters and a clear vision for how to influence your own culture. We’ll change the way you think about everything from your physical office space to the way you hire and fire team members. You’ll leave with tangible, practical steps that you can take on a day-to-day basis to positively influence your organization’s culture and to move it more towards Agility.

Who Should Attend?

  • Anyone who has a desire to grow as an Agile Leader and is looking at change management. 

Take Aways

  • 360° Assessment of you as a Leader with Coaching debrief and improvement plan
  • A cultural assessment of my organization
  • A roadmap for affecting cultural change within my organization
  • Support group of colleagues within your program
  • 24 SEUs / 24 PDUs
  • CAL II certification from the Scrum Alliance for those with a CAL I or CAL-E and CAL-T credential, and 12 months post experience applying concepts learned in CAL I

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