Peer Workshop: CAL II Certification


Certified Agile Leadership (CAL) Credential I
Culture Workshop: CAL II Advanced Education

Building on our two-day culture workshop, the purpose of this workshop is to give CAL Certification II candidates the opportunity to present to the group and then discuss their position as an Agile leader during a live Q&A session. You will be required to prepare and deliver a formal presentation where your peers will ask questions regarding your leadership experiences.

As a part of this final requirement,  there are number of homework assignments for each candidate. To assist with this process, you will be assigned a CAL facilitator who will guide you through each step and coach you toward success. 

The goal of the CAL Credential II is to guide leaders in deepening, applying, and sharing their Agile leadership learning. It is a deep dive into the concepts of the CAL I, including practical role-playing experiences and advanced personal growth skills. It also covers additional material that builds on CAL I around organizational culture and high performance.

SEUs 8
PDUs 8
CDUs 8

Class Learning Objectives

Month 1

  • Kickoff Validated Practice & Peer Workshop Session
  • Homework from Culture Workshop
  • Complete 360 Evaluation
  • Debrief on area to work on and create a plan


Month 2

  • Check-in Coaching Call August
  • Team Call with Peers
  • Prep experience report


Month 3

  • Complete 360 Evaluation Again
  • Present experience report from at least one area (Leadership in an Agile Context, The Agile Organization, Agile Approaches to Change), to the class of peers, highlighting how you have grown along the journey, what worked and what didn’t work.


Today’s workers are demanding more from their leaders. The millennial workforce has different needs, different wants, and different motivators than any generation before them. Leaders and organizations who refuse to evolve are getting left behind. Agile Leadership is the answer.

By learning to apply the values and principles of Agile to the way that you lead, you can build teams that will walk through fire for you. The CAL II curriculum is built to teach you the skills necessary to become a truly visionary leader; capable of leading across cultures, generations, and geographies. You’ll leave with a completely changed perspective on your role as a leader. 

Who Should Attend?

  • CAL I graduates who have completed the CAL II Advanced Education component and are ready to earn their CAL II Certification.

Take Aways

  • 360 Evaluation
  • Agile Leader Presentation
  • 8 SEUs / 8 PDUs

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