Agile Executive Overview

Agile Executive Overview is an immersion into the world of Agile for the Executive. This is a customizable 2-4 hour workshop for executives whose organization will be transitioning to Agile. It explores the shift in leadership that needs to take place to support the self-organization of Agile teams. Executives will learn about Agile and how it differs from traditional command and control methodologies, along with the advantages Agile can bring to the organization. This is the ideal overview for all executives who will have Agile/Scrum teams working within their organization.

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Class Learning Objectives

As an Agile Executive, I want to…

  1. Understand why companies adopt Agile, so that I can gain a greater appreciation for why we should too.
  2. Understand Agile leadership, so that I can understand how to lead in an Agile organization.
  3. List ways to influence culture, so that I can facilitate the creation of one for my team and my organization.
  4. Describe the Scrum framework, so that I can clearly comprehend the Scrum process.
  5. Describe the roles and responsibilities in Scrum, so that I can understand who does what.
  6. Understand more about the scope (Product Backlog), so I have visibility into the work needing to be completed.


  • Thorough understanding about Agile using Scrum
  • A new outlook on the way you manage your project team
  • A framework for understanding whether Agile is right for your organization
  • The knowledge necessary for incorporating Agile practices into your working environment

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