CAL II Grads—Uncovering and Overcoming My Saboteurs

I must say that this peer review was one of the most challenging tasks I’ve had in the last 6 months. Why you ask? Because the first requirement was to identify ‘one’ thing I learned about myself during the course!! Are you kidding me? One? Just One? I learned so many things about myself that … Read More

CAL II Grads—Preparing for the Future

My Leadership journey dates back to when I was a young boy. I remember organizing an informal track meet where winners were awarded snacks. While I was unsure what Leadership meant, I observed that peers and even family members would seek my advice. CAL II Journey The CAL II journey has been insightful, especially given … Read More

CAL II Grads—Why Take CAL II

At the end of 2019, after some organizational changes I started to feel a bit rudderless. I was feeling unclear about where I was in my career and not sure what was next for me. I was looking for some direction and came across the Certified Agile Leadership course. So back in January 2020, I … Read More

CAL II Grads—Bettering the Relationship with my Manager

I started out this class being under-appreciated by my manager, overworked, and stressed out. My teams were in a constant state of emergency. On top of this, my manager would give me additional projects that would achieve his own performance success metrics – such as building reports that he would take to his own manager—but … Read More

How to Earn SEUs from Scrum Alliance

You took a class, you got your certification, and now you’re applying what you learned. But have you remembered to log your SEUs and keep your certification up to date? As the Scrum Alliance says,  Put simply, the time you spend practicing and studying Scrum gives you a competitive edge, and so does leveraging those … Read More

CAL II Grads—Agile Transformation is Convincing People

Most of my fellow Agile professionals have been through at least one Transformation. Rarely are any of us hired directly into an enterprise that is ten years into their transformation, and has it all figured out. I’ve been through two Transformations. One on the tail end, where a lot of stuff was indeed figured out, … Read More

CAL II Grads—Individuals and Interactions Over Processes and Tools

“I don’t have time!” he said. I responded, “I cant get anything from you! Schedules, plans, or deliverables.” (10 seconds of silence) “…no matter what I ask you, you become evasive.” Individuals and interactions over processes and tools Many professionals have found themselves in evolving careers that progress as technology innovation creates new branches of … Read More