End of Year Retrospectives

Have you ever thought about bringing your work home with you? In a positive way, that is. I do. My students laugh in class when I say I sometimes do family retrospectives, but I find them very useful. Hear me out! Imagine your family sitting down with Post-It notes and answering these questions: What went … Read More

Can Agile Work in Government?

Deloitte Insights recently published new findings that show that major federal software projects are getting smaller and shorter. They also found that in 2017 almost 80 percent of major federal software projects are now classified as either Agile or iterative. Click here to read the full report. However, at The Braintrust Consulting Group we still encounter … Read More

SAFE ≠ AGILE (Part 2)

Not Equal

by Tom Mellor, CST    (Part 2 of 2) If you haven’t read part 1 it would be helpful to go back and read it. You can find it here  As a reminder, the close of Part 1 – I didn’t wish to foment organizational change.  My purpose was selfish: improve the odds that we would deliver … Read More

SAFe ≠ Agile

Not Equal

by Tom Mellor, CST    (Part 1 of 2) The company from which I retired in 2013 has hitched onto the (un)SAFe train (not to be confused with the release train), and I am hearing from lots of people in the organization about it.  I have lots of concerns with SAFe, but my primary one … Read More

Ever Wonder What Its Like To Be An Agile Coach?

Many of you may have misconceptions about what life as an Agile coach is like. You probably think that all Agile coaches; fly first class, stay in the finest hotels, and have tons of screaming fans to sign autographs for. The reality of the job is quite different. Agile coaches are road warriors, often traveling … Read More

A Product Owner Is Like An Airline Pilot When…

Female Airline Pilot

When I am teaching a Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) class I often like to make the analogy of a Product Owner to an airline pilot. Many of my students find this comparison very useful, so I thought I would share it with you through our Blog… When we purchase a ticket from an airline … Read More

Braintrust Coach John Miller Talks with InfoQ About Scrum For Education

Braintrust’s own, John Miller was interviewed by InfoQ this week about his ongoing involvement in a project called Agile Schools. Through this project, John is working to teach Scrum to high school students. The project is focused on how schools can use Scrum to help teams of students to learn more effectively and develop themselves … Read More